Is Sound Masking Just Suitable for Offices?

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Think sound masking systems are just for the contemporary office? They can improve acoustic comfort and increase speech privacy in almost every industry and workplace.

Sound masking is not just for the contemporary office block. At Remark Group we’ve installed these acoustic systems into both new and old buildings, including listed buildings. We have a wide range of solutions that can be integrated into almost any architectural concept.

In this quick guide, we’re listing some of the key work environments that benefit from having sound masking systems installed.

Patient rooms, GP offices, recovery rooms in hospitals

Patients expect a certain level of privacy. If they are concerned about being overheard by people outside the room, they may be less inclined to disclose information about their health and lifestyle. Sound masking is an effective healthcare technology solution that keeps conversations behind closed doors, creating a safe and GDPR-compliant space for your patients.

Financial and legal offices

If you provide legal or financial advice in a bank or law firm, you’ll want to make sure your clients are able to discuss their personal information in strict confidence. Sound masking helps prevent anyone eavesdropping and prevents personal data from being stolen.

Reception areas

Sound masking can improve the acoustic environment to make all your visitors feel welcomed and put them at ease. Reception areas are also ideal spaces to include soundscapes for an immersive and calming environment.

Libraries and study spaces

Keep all your students and visitors happy with quiet libraries and study spaces with less noise leakage.

Call centres

Minimise distractions for your call centre employees and ensure they can hear callers with ease. Sound masking reduces the radius of distracting noise in open plan spaces.

Open-plan and private offices

From huddle spaces to conference and meeting rooms, sound masking is key for reestablishing speech privacy and confidentiality in the workplace. Meanwhile, in open plan spaces, it reduces the radius of distracting noise. Your teams can collaborate in breakout spaces without interrupting other employees who need to concentrate on their independent work.

HR departments can benefit from having a private space for employees to discuss work-related issues.

If you operate a flexible, hybrid office, the number of employees working in your office will fluctuate. Sometimes the office may seem too quiet, whereas other times it may be busier and noisier. Sound masking can help regulate your office acoustics by raising the level of ambient sound. At busy times, this will help reduce distractions. When it’s quiet, the increased ambient sound will ensure your private meetings stay private, and create a more comfortable environment.

Book a demonstration or call Remark Group today to find out more about sound masking and how it can enhance your work environment.