Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

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Mental health and wellbeing is still considered to be a ‘taboo’ subject by many, so is often neglected in the workplace - though not necessarily intentionally. Often, employers aren’t sure how to address issues of mental wellbeing in the workplace, perhaps being too afraid to cause offence or make the situation worse.

In one study carried out by mental health charity Mind, over 20% of workers surveyed admitted to calling in sick to avoid work due to workplace stress - demonstrating the scale of the issue.

Factors affecting mental wellbeing in the workplace are many and varied, with stress due to high workloads perhaps being the most common. Our mental wellbeing is also significantly impacted by our surroundings, however; improving lighting and air quality helps to create a more comfortable, relaxing and productive environment, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

At Remark Group, we specialise in providing tailored solutions for your workplace, designed from the ground up to improve the mental wellbeing of staff.

Sound Masking and Soundscapes are two such products. Our Sound Masking system produces sounds matching the frequency of human speech, helping to drown out the sounds of distant conversations and allowing employees to focus on their work. Soundscapes, meanwhile, releases relaxing and inspiring biophilic sounds, from the buzz of a city through to the serenity of birdsong in a forest, improving the wellbeing of staff.

Other options available to boost the mental wellbeing of staff include digital skylights and windows, air quality sensors to monitor CO2 and humidity levels, and carefully-engineered lighting systems designed to perfectly fulfil the needs of the human body.