Can You Get Noise Cancelling Systems For Offices?

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Open plan offices have many advantages, but they’re not perfect by any means – and one of their most significant shortcomings is the issue of excess noise. Even where conference and meeting rooms are installed, their walls are often thin and they typically feature suspended ceilings, which easily allow sound in and out.

If your office employees are struggling to focus in their open-plan workspace and your managers don’t feel they have enough privacy in your meeting rooms, what can you do?

Well, you could go down the route of soundproofing the meeting rooms, but that will only benefit those in meetings. Plus, it’s expensive and not always particularly effective, especially if your office has suspended ceilings (like most do).

What about noise cancelling systems, then – are they effective? You’ll be pleased to hear that they are, and at Remark Group we specialise in installing them in offices across the UK.

Sound Masking

The most advanced noise cancelling systems for offices is called Sound Masking. Once installed, your employees are unlikely to notice its presence – we place speakers (known as sound masking emitters) subtly in the ceiling, well out of the way of their workspace and with no unsightly cables or wires.

But, as soon as it is switched on, your employees will immediately feel more comfortable. Sound Masking produces sounds which have been designed to match the frequency of human speech, creating a sound barrier and preventing conversations from being overheard. Resembling the sound of air flowing, Sound Masking is subtle, but effective: speech privacy is improved markedly, as is productivity.

As with many of our products, Sound Masking is best experienced in person. It’s hard to describe accurately the feeling of privacy it gives you – you really have to hear it for yourself to understand how it works in practice.

Contact us today to arrange a visit to our Peterborough premises, where our team will demonstrate the technology to you and explain how it works. Located near to our city’s train station, you can reach us easily from major cities like London, Birmingham and Leeds.

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