Can Office Music Help Speech Privacy?

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Music in the workplace is often debated - does it motivate or distract employees? Often, offices play music to create a livelier atmosphere, but there are also instances where music might be used to help speech privacy. While most workplaces will choose to switch on the radio or an office Spotify playlist, it can be helpful to know that when it comes to protecting speech privacy, there are more appropriate solutions available.

The short answer is, yes - music can help speech privacy in the office. However, it can be difficult to source music that is to everyone’s tastes and for some employees it could be distracting if they’re tuning into the lyrics rather than focusing on the task at hand.

What other sound solutions can help speech privacy?

Protecting speech privacy is not just something that employees can benefit from. In certain settings, customers, clients and patients will also expect a certain level of privacy, which includes speech privacy.

If you’re particular about the level of customer service and confidentiality you want to offer, and feel that the popular playlists won’t create the professional atmosphere you’re aiming for, Sound Masking technology is the perfect alternative.

Sound Masking is often likened to the sound of gentle airflow, and is designed to match the frequency of human speech. It renders conversations unintelligible to people walking past meeting rooms, or those sat in neighbouring rooms. This is a particularly important consideration if the walls of your premises are thin.

This solution can be installed at strategic points around your office and, unlike a stereo system, won’t involve any clutter or visible wiring. In most cases, those who visit your premises may not even notice that you have Sound Masking technology in use, but it will certainly have a noticeable impact on their feeling of comfort and ability to share sensitive and private information where necessary.

If you’re hoping to create a specific ambience, there are also Soundscapes available which complement the Sound Masking technology. You can add relaxing and comforting sound layers, such as birdsong, natural water and light city traffic sounds. These are designed to be immersive but not distracting, so employees can focus and feel at ease and any patients or clients can feel positive and calm.

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