Should You Soundproof Offices?

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In a busy office environment with meetings taking place in adjoining rooms, controlling sound levels is key. Not only can meetings and discussions be distracting to employees working in a different room, they can be damaging; employees may overhear things they’re not meant to, or mishear something and get the wrong impression.

With that in mind, soundproofing an office might seem like an ideal solution. In some cases, applying sound deadening insulation will suffice; however, many offices have thin walls and suspended ceilings, making it difficult to contain the sound with traditional soundproofing.

Sound Masking

At Remark, we offer an alternative form of technology called Sound Masking, which has a similar effect to soundproofing – and provides additional benefits, too.

Installed correctly by our team of specialist audio engineers, our Sound Masking system provides staff with a layer of privacy and aids employee wellbeing by minimising distracting noises.

The technology creates subtle ambient sounds, which match the frequency of human speech, helping to make the sound of voices around the room less intelligible and consequently allows staff to focus on the task at hand.

This means that conversations from across the room are much less audible, improving concentration and wellbeing levels, as well as ensuring privacy – particularly if confidential meetings are taking place in nearby rooms.

Sound emitting devices are placed strategically around the room, creating non-intrusive ambient noise. The sound levels can be altered depending on the level of privacy required.

Remark can assist at every step of the way, from initial consultation through to completing the final installation. Contact us today to book a Sound Masking demonstration or find out more.

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