Should You Soundproof Offices?

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In this guide, we’re looking at whether you should soundproof your office and what options are available to achieve an optimum acoustic environment. In a busy office environment, controlling sound levels is key.

  • Noise distractions can affect productivity

    In our ‘Noise and Wellbeing at Work’ Survey, 2019, it was found that 44% of UK office workers reported that noise has a negative impact on their overall wellbeing, and a further 65% reported that noise in the workplace impacted on their ability to complete work in an accurate and timely manner.

  • Private information could be overheard

    Not only can meetings and discussions be distracting to employees, they can be damaging. Employees may overhear confidential information, or mishear something and get the wrong impression.

    Taking GDPR into consideration, it’s never been more important to ensure private or confidential information is only shared on a need to know basis. Soundproofing can eliminate the risk of eavesdropping. It’s especially useful for HR departments, law firms and client or employee meeting rooms.

    Having sufficient soundproofing in place will also ensure that your employees can discuss work-related issues without worrying about being overheard. This is all part of creating a better work environment by considering employee wellbeing.

  • Louder work environments can increase stress

    Especially for introverts, an environment that’s too loud with many noise distractions can be overwhelming. It can reduce productivity and even engage a stress response in the body. Soundproofing can tackle this issue.
    With all these factors in mind, soundproofing an office might seem like an ideal solution. In some cases, applying sound deadening insulation will suffice. However, many offices have thin walls and suspended ceilings, making it difficult to contain the sound with traditional soundproofing.

  • What office soundproofing options are available?

    At Remark, we offer an alternative form of technology called Sound Masking, which has a similar effect to soundproofing – and provides additional benefits too.

    The technology creates subtle ambient sounds that match the frequency of human speech. This makes the sound of voices around the room less intelligible, which creates a more comfortable acoustic environment.

Installed by our team of specialist audio engineers, Sound Masking systems provide increased levels of speech privacy and enhance employee wellbeing by minimising distracting noises.

Sound emitting devices are placed strategically around the room, creating non-intrusive ambient sound. The sound levels can be altered depending on the level of privacy required.

Whether you manage a call centre, a corporate head office or a law firm, having an optimal acoustic environment is important. Remark can assist at every step of the way, from initial consultation through to completing the final installation. Contact us today to book a Sound Masking demonstration or find out more.

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