Sound Masking Installation - How To Plan Your Project

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Decided you need sound masking to treat your office or work environment? As the project or business manager, you’ll want to know what the next steps are. How do you get a quote? What does the installation involve? In this guide, we’re detailing a step-by-step plan to help you prepare for your sound masking project.

Sound Masking Installation - Step-by-step Process

1. Get in touch

Give our team a call or get in touch via email.

We’ll ask a few questions about which areas of your building you’re looking to treat. We’ll also talk through the goal - are you looking to improve speech privacy and confidentiality in your meeting rooms? Or are you hoping to reduce distractions or create a more comfortable acoustic environment for your employees and visitors?

2. Book a demonstration

We always advise booking a demonstration at our head office in Cambridgeshire.

It’s a great way to see how the sound masking and soundscapes work, and to ask our accredited acoustic technicians questions. We want you to be part of the design process. We’ll ensure that the systems are tailored for your environment and factor in what’s important to you. Whatever you need, we can work with.

3. Site survey

Next, we can arrange a site survey at your premises to aid with the planning process.

We’ll listen closely to your requirements and identify the optimum place to install the sound masking emitters.

4. Review design specifications

We’ll make sure every element is in line with your unique requirements. We’ll also send over a quote for the equipment and installation work, and create a bespoke design to treat your premises.

5. Book installation

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet a project deadline. We work around your schedule to schedule our engineers to complete the installation. Need the work completed out of hours? No problem - just let us know.

6. Handover training

Our service doesn’t stop at the installation. We’ll provide a handover training session and check that all the systems are working perfectly. Our acoustic technicians will ensure the system is balanced for speaker output on all locations within our included commissioning service. This will eliminate hot spots, and ensure that the solution is working at optimum performance to successfully reduce noise disturbances.

System aftercare

Have any questions or require additional support? You can contact our dedicated support desk for assistance. We also provide an optional service and maintenance support package which includes an annual service visit. Speak to us to find out more.

Contact Remark Group about sound masking

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ve worked with businesses and organisations of all sectors across the UK to install premium quality sound masking systems that enhance the work environment. As leading sound masking installers, we’re ready to work with you.