Wellbeing and Workplace Performance

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A lack of focus on employee wellbeing has been shown in numerous studies to result in poor workplace performance.

Generally speaking, lower mental and physical wellbeing equates to decreased morale; employees are consequently less enthusiastic about work, and can make them less willing to work hard or reduce creativity .

Noise control

Noise is one of the principal causes of low workplace wellbeing. Our own study showed that 65% of office workers are less able to complete work in an accurate and timely manner, due to distracting sounds like telephone conversations or slamming doors.

However, our sound masking systems have been designed specifically to rectify this problem. Utilising 360° of ambient sound distribution, you can control the noise levels in the office to boost wellbeing and productivity.

Lighting levels

Aside from noise, other environmental factors that affect wellbeing and workplace performance include the level of lighting.

It's no secret that brighter rooms help to boost productivity by making people feel more comfortable, alert and awake.

Poor air flow and warm temperatures mixed with dim lighting conditions can contribute to a sluggish, underperforming workforce. This is because the human body releases hormones in direct response to environmental conditions.

In a darker environment, the body releases melatonin, a hormone that prepares the body for sleep - something that you certainly want to avoid in the office.

Installing sufficient lighting is the perfect solution to ensure comfort and increased workplace productivity throughout the working day.

Contact us today to book a demonstration of our sound masking technology and see for yourself how it could promote wellbeing and workplace performance in your office.