What Does Sound Masking Sound Like?

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If you’re thinking about getting sound masking systems installed in your workplace, you’ll want to know what they sound like.

Sound masking releases a gentle sound, likened to airflow. It’s an ambient, non-intrusive background sound. The system masks speech and incidental noises, but won’t eradicate them completely.

This ensures business can carry on as usual. Your employees will still hear their phones ringing and have collaborative conversations. They just won’t be able to tune into conversations or distracting noises happening across the other side of the room - for example, reducing the noise transfer between different office departments.

The speakers are placed in a way that creates a bubble of sound. This reduces the radius of sound travel to create a more comfortable office environment.

How loud is sound masking?

The system should be tailored to suit your unique environment. A different frequency level is required for treating a large and busy open-place office compared with a smaller room.

You can have an optional control panel installed that allows you to change the volume.

Will employees be able to hear the sound masking?

Yes and no. Sound masking does not create a distinctive sound. It blends into the background. So, while an audible sound is produced, your employees are unlikely to identify the source. They certainly won’t be distracted by it. Instead, they should be able to better focus on their work as the level of distracting noises is decreased.

The sound can’t be heard on the other end of a phone either. This is useful to know if you operate a call centre, or your employees regularly make phone calls to external parties.

Systems can also be intertwined with biophilic sounds, known as soundscapes. These include birdsong, water flowing and the gentle sounds of the ocean. It creates an immersive environment for your employees to relax and collaborate.

Adding natural soundscapes to a waiting area or breakout room is a great way to connect your employees to the natural environment.

Speak to the expert sound masking installers today to find out more. You can also book a demonstration at our Peterborough office. We will completely tailor the systems to suit your environment and unique requirements.