What is a Zoom Room?

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With the advent of lockdown restrictions, Zoom appeared to become an overnight sensation getting people through their work meetings, pub-style quizzes and everything in between. But did you know this conferencing technology is not just reserved to connecting remote individuals - it can also be a professional tool for the workplace? In this article, we’re looking at how a Zoom Room can transform your office meetings.

So, what is the difference between a Zoom meeting and a Zoom Room?

A Zoom meeting just refers to the video meeting that happens on the screen, whereas a Zoom Room is a more immersive experience where audio and visual technology is set-up within a meeting room to create a professional video conference experience.

Conference rooms come in many different shapes and sizes, but their purpose remains the same - to facilitate relationship building through consistent, face-to-face conversations.

For larger meeting spaces, the professional Zoom Room essentials might include a presentation screen along with a high-quality 20x camera zoom, and audio specially engineered for improved voice and visual pickup. A dedicated in-room control panel is also a popular addition for hosting frictionless meetings, which allow users to simply tap-to-join meetings.

A simple Zoom meeting is only really suited to the home-working or one-to-one meeting experience, whereas a Zoom Room can bring the whole team and invested parties together. It’s all about creating a professional conferencing experience.

It allows your business to create an efficient meeting that leaves a lasting and professional impression, all whilst minimising disruptions.

How video and audio equipment is installed

Zoom Rooms are bespoke solutions to suit a small breakout room, right through to a larger lecture hall or auditorium.

Multiple AV inputs and outputs are necessary to connect multiple devices, such as cameras, laptops or in-room PCs, speakers, microphones. The video and audio equipment can be integrated with your company’s existing infrastructure whilst installing additional third-party audio solutions.

The sound engineers can ensure that presenters and participants can be clearly heard wherever their position in the room. Intelligent solutions include beamforming microphones and app-based crowd microphones.

Use of sound masking to enhance privacy and audio quality

Zoom Rooms can further benefit from sound masking technology to help with speech privacy and improve audio quality by preventing background noise disrupting or intruding on your professional conversations.

Sound masking can ensure confidentiality in those all-important meetings. With an easy to use interface you can adjust the sound levels and change the level of privacy for every Zoom meeting.

Interested in how your business could benefit from a Zoom Room? Speak to a member of our team today to find out more.