What Kind Of Music Helps Employee Productivity?

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There are many studies that show music can improve both productivity and performance. While some music can help productivity, getting the right balance and selecting beneficial sounds can be difficult.

With productivity playlists becoming more popular, and personal preferences to consider, if you’re in the business of creating a sound office environment for your employees, we have some alternative acoustic solutions to music that are proven to not only boost productivity, but also enhance wellbeing.

But what are the alternatives to playing music? To create a more inclusive acoustically designed workplace, sound masking and Soundscapes are the ideal solution. The reason for this is that sound masking creates a consistent level of ambient sound in the treated areas.

The art of sound masking.

Sound masking technology has been specially created as an ambient sound, often likened to the sound of airflow. It’s designed as a non-distinct sound and works by increasing the volume of ambient, background noise in order to ‘mask’ other distracting noises.

Conversations, ringtones, typing and other everyday workplace sounds which are commonly noted as distracting or irritating are dulled or muffled. They become more of a background noise so your colleagues can retain their focus on the task at hand.
What kind of music helps employees productivity?

If there’s a reduced headcount in your office or your work spaces are too quiet this can create an uncomfortable environment. You may turn to music to fill the silence. However, there are some more ambient options available, such as soundscapes.

Soundscapes bring people back to nature with sounds inspired by the natural environment - a perfect option for city-centre offices.
Soundscapes overlay the sound masking technology with our bespoke blend of non-looping biophilic sounds, such as birdsong or light city sounds designed to create ambience. It’s perfect for adding an extra layer of sound without causing unnecessary distraction.

Essentially, you can block out the noises associated with irritation, heightened stress levels or a lack of focus and replace them with a more positive soundscape, such as birdsong.

Soundscaping music - how does it help productivity?

With more and more people speculating that restorative birdsong can help with mental fatigue and stress, the Natural History Museum conducted a survey and found that many people find restorative birdsong a comforting and calming presence. The link between wellbeing and productivity is also increasingly being investigated, which is why Remark are dedicated to offering soundscapes that are associated with positivity, happiness and a more relaxed state of mind.

Birdsong is just one of the many soundscapes that can be offered by Remark. To book a demonstration or find out more about our acoustic solutions, contact us today.