Where is Sound Masking Needed?

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Thinking of installing sound masking in your building? Need a little help choosing where to install it? Or, perhaps you’re a facilities manager or managing director, and you’re wondering if you require sound masking for your premises. We’re covering where sound masking is needed in our guide.

Speech privacy

Do you regularly hold confidential meetings at your head office? Do you speak with clients and patients about sensitive or private information? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then sound masking should certainly be on your radar. While there are other sound proofing techniques available, sound masking is both effective and affordable. It creates a bubble of sound which renders audible words unintelligible, meaning no one can eavesdrop on your private meetings from outside the room. It’s particularly ideal for meeting rooms with thinner partition walls.

Enhance concentration, reduce distractions

Sound masking is not just for restoring speech privacy. It’s also a great way to reduce the level of noise distractions, particularly in open-plan work spaces. This ensures your employees can concentrate and focus on the task at hand. From call centres to business offices, there are plenty of work environments that can benefit from sound masking.

Work environments that are most likely to benefit from sound masking include:

Call centres

Call centres are busy work environments. With phones ringing and conversations happening constantly, there’s lots of noise. With sound masking you can reduce interruptions, improve the quality of the call and maintain better levels of privacy for your callers.

Financial services

Ideal for high street banks and financial advisors, sound masking provides privacy for confidential meetings with customers and clients. Ensuring that individuals are able to discuss their private financial information in complete confidence not only protects their personal data, but will also establish your branch as a reliable and trustworthy service provider.

Legal sector

It’s important to uphold best GDPR practices for your law firm and ensure clients are able to share private information relating to their case without being overheard.


From GP surgeries and hospitals to mental health wards, if your patient appointment rooms are not currently providing sufficient levels of privacy, patients may feel uncomfortable sharing personal information relating to their health. By installing sound masking, you can create a more comfortable, supportive environment for all your patients.

Corporate businesses

From your human resource department to your main conference rooms and open-plan work spaces, plenty of private businesses can leverage the benefits of sound masking to enhance productivity levels, improve overall employee wellbeing and provide professional, private conference rooms for all your confidential meetings.

Where should sound masking be installed?

Sound masking treatment is typically required both inside and outside your meeting rooms to create a bubble of sound. This masks intelligible conversation, ensuring those outside the conference room can’t hear what’s being said. In an open-plan office, the emitters are usually installed in the ceiling and strategically placed to ensure an even coverage across the office floor.

In summary, sound masking is required wherever there is a need for speech privacy, or to reduce the level of noise distractions in a busy work environment. To speak to the experts about installing a bespoke sound masking solution for your business or organisation, contact Remark today.