Benefits of Pairing Natural Soundscapes with Sound Masking

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In this article we’re exploring the top benefits of pairing a natural soundscape with sound masking in the work environment.

With natural soundscapes, you can choose from a selection of specially engineered natural sounds that complement sound masking technology. These include woodland and coastal-inspired soundscapes.

What Are The Benefits of Natural Soundscapes?

Enhance wellbeing and comfort

Layering a natural soundscape can really enhance wellbeing within your office and help to create a calm, comfortable working environment.

Whether you feel your team would enjoy listening to distant waves or birdsong, these soundscapes are perfect for helping your team feel better connected to nature, even if your office is in the heart of the city.

Increase speech privacy

Another top benefit of combining soundscapes with sound masking is that speech privacy can be restored, and employee wellness is improved.

If you’re big on promoting wellbeing and also looking to increase sound privacy, this is a great solution for your office.

Create a welcoming environment

As well as significantly boosting the overall wellbeing of your employees, natural soundscapes can make visitors, or clients. feel at ease from the moment they walk through the door of your premises.

Essentially, the sound masking provides noise reduction and speech privacy, whilst the soundscapes help to create a calming ambience. The soundscapes pair with the sound masking to create a gentle, soothing sound that minimises distracting noises, which increases productivity and comfort.

You also have the option to control the volume levels and add soundscapes to the whole area, or just specific rooms, depending on your requirements.

Experience natural soundscapes for yourself

Want to experience natural soundscapes? You can arrange a demonstration at our office or book onto a live video call. Talk to our team of experts about the benefits of this technology, and see whether this would benefit your own working environment.

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