How Do Soundscapes Work in the Office?

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Soundscapes work by adding a subtle, low-level sound into the workplace with strategically placed speakers. A research paper published in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America found that nature soundscapes enhance cognitive functioning and increase overall worker satisfaction. They create an immersive environment and more comfortable acoustics.

Soundscape Examples

Soundscapes are specially engineered biophilic sounds which capture a sense of place. They’re audio clips taken from nature. Popular office sounds include birdsong, running water or even light traffic. Birds and running water are proven to relax us, and this is a perfect pairing for city-centre offices where access to nature may be a little more difficult.

Importantly, they’re not distracting. Soundscapes bring calm to the work environment. Absolute silence can be just as uncomfortable as too much distracting noise. Soundscapes treat both of these simultaneously to create an enhanced acoustic environment. They can seamlessly loop throughout the working day, so there’s no sudden silence.

How Do Soundscapes Work In The Office?

In the office, soundscapes are not just about choosing the right sound. Having the right equipment is important. Crystal clear audio and effective sound dispersion is crucial. A tinny sound or glitchy sound system are more likely to be distracting than calming.

By installing good quality emitters in the right place in your office you can create an effective soundscape experience. The sound should blend into the background. 360 degree sound dispersion is vital for creating an immersive and high quality acoustic environment.

The emitters can be installed on the walls or in the plenum of the ceiling.

Businesses can allocate different soundscapes to different spaces. Breakout rooms, corridors, waiting and reception areas and canteen spaces are all great places to install soundscapes.

They are not the same as Sound Masking, which is an ambient sound operating at the same frequency as human speech. However, soundscapes are a great complementary feature to sound masking.

Why Use Them?

It’s an effective way to create a harmonious, welcoming space. Whether you’re managing a hospital waiting area, reception or breakout room at your head office, soundscapes put people at ease.

  • Maintain a good impression for visitors and clients
  • Reduce employee stress levels
  • Boost concentration, wellbeing and engagement
  • Create a high quality, comfortable acoustic environment for everyone

To find out more about soundscapes, speak to the expert team at Remark Group today. Alternatively, you can book a demonstration at our Cambridgeshire-based head office.