What Are Nature Soundscapes and Why Are They Important?

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Sound masking provides an ambient background sound that can be compared to the sound of airflow. Sound masking is carefully engineered to match the frequency of human speech, to provide speech privacy and reduce distracting noises. While sound masking provides speech privacy, soundscapes bring a more creative element, and can even enhance the wellbeing ambience in your work environment. Read our article to find out more about wellbeing soundscapes and how they could enhance wellness and privacy within your office space.

What Are Nature Soundscapes?

A soundscape is a sound or combination of natural sounds used to create an immersive environment. Referring to the natural acoustic environment, soundscape ecologist, Bernie Krause, categorised soundscapes into three main components:


Geophonic sounds are generated by non-biological natural sources, such as wind in the trees, running water in a stream or waves crashing on the beach. These soundscapes are inspired by the weather and other natural elements.


Typical examples of biophonic soundscapes include animal vocalisations, such as birdsong. These sounds are essentially non-human but biological - so predominantly relating to the animal kingdom.


Anthropophony refers to environmental sounds created by humans. This could include cityscape sounds, such as the hum of light traffic.

All three of these categories use natural acoustics from our everyday world, but it’s the first two, geophony and biophony, that are true ‘nature soundscapes’. Whether you like the sound of a tranquil waterfall, rainwater or birdsong, these soundscapes are a great way to reconnect those urban office spaces with our natural habitats.

Why is nature soundscaping important?

Whilst sound masking offers a foundation for noise control in the workplace, soundscapes bring an extra dimension to the acoustics. Soundscape acoustic technology can be blended with sound masking to ensure unbeatable levels of noise reduction and speech privacy where it matters most, as well as providing a unique workplace wellbeing solution.

With regards to wellbeing, it’s frequently suggested that birdsong and natural sounds can have a positive impact on overall mood in the workplace.

For those who are invested in improving the comfort and wellbeing of your staff, clients, patients or customers, soundscapes are one such technology that can help.

Non-looping soundscape acoustic treatment can be added to wellbeing zones, break out areas, or throughout open offices. Book your nature soundscapes demonstration with Remark Group today.