What do Soundscapes sound like?

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If you’ve heard of soundscapes for work environments, you may wonder what they sound like, and whether they’re worth investing in. In this quick guide, we’re covering these questions to give you a better idea of whether they could enhance your work environment.

Sound masking vs soundscapes - do they sound different?

Sound masking is likened to the sound of a consistent airflow. The sound is created with frequencies that match the level of human speech. It’s primarily used to create a curtain of ambient sound that restores speech privacy. Its purpose is to reduce the impact of distracting background conversation and noise in the office.

In comparison, soundscapes are a sound, or a group of sounds, that create an immersive environment. These sounds are often natural or biophilic, such as birdsong, flowing water and forest sounds. The effect is to create a tranquil, immersive sound experience.

bird logo Bird Song

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Nature Soundscapes

New York City Soundscapes

What are the benefits of adding soundscapes to your work environment?

Soundscapes are often paired with sound masking to create a comfortable acoustic environment with a calming ambience. This exposure to sounds taken from the natural world is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and improve focus in the workplace. But cityscapes can also be used in breakout areas and shared office spaces.

The benefit of soundscapes is that you can use a variety of sounds to suit different purposes. You could opt for a New York City soundscape in one of your employee collaboration zones, or you could opt for soothing bird song in a dedicated wellbeing room, atrium or reception waiting area.

For the soundscapes to deliver a completely immersive experience that’s not going to distract your employees or visitors, it’s important to have them installed professionally. From placing the emitters in the right places, to ensuring the audio quality is crystal clear and at the right volume for your environment, expert sound engineers should be hired for the job.

Speak to the soundscape experts at Remark Group today. You can book a demonstration or schedule a call back to discuss our acoustic systems in more detail. We can completely tailor our solutions and installations to suit your environment.