What is Nature Soundscaping?

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Soundscapes emit soothing ambient sounds into your work environment. Soundscapes have been designed to improve the mental wellbeing of your employees, and boost their productivity. This acoustic technology is often deployed in conjunction with Sound Masking - a solution that has been designed to enhance privacy, and one which complements Soundscapes well.

The difference between Soundscapes and Sound Masking is mainly in the sounds produced: Soundscapes immerse employees in their environment with the calming and inspiring sounds of nature, while Sound Masking is primarily designed to enhance speech privacy, utilising a subtle ambient tone that matches the frequency of human speech.

What Do Nature Soundscapes Sound Like?

Soundscapes can produce a variety of non-looping biophilic sounds, including birdsong, flowing water, wind rustling through trees, and even the buzz of a busy city centre. Soundscapes sound authentic and real - those listening to it will feel as if they’ve been transported out of the office and into a different environment. Importantly, soundscapes don’t distract, rather they create a pleasant background ambience.

The principal benefit of Soundscapes is on employees’ wellbeing; the natural sounds fill those in the office with a sense of comfort, and make a potentially stressful and busy work day seem much less taxing.

Soundscapes can be split into zones, too, with different sounds playing in different areas of the office to give each room a unique feel - such as in breakout zones. And besides improving the wellbeing of staff, these systems provide a privacy and productivity benefit - especially when paired with our Sound Masking solution.

The best way to understand the positive effect of Soundscapes is to experience the system for yourself. At our Peterborough headquarters - which is easily accessible on the train from London and the north - we can demonstrate the technology to you and show you how immersive it really is. To find out more, please contact a member of our team today.