What Makes a Good Soundscape For Your Workplace?

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No two work environments are the same. That means, if you’re looking to install soundscapes, the approach should be tailored to your business requirements and environment. It’s not a one size fits all solution. There are several considerations that you can bear in mind when choosing your soundscape installation, which we’re covering in this helpful guide.

What type of soundscape should you choose for your business?

Many soundscapes are taken from natural landscapes, as a way of breathing nature into the environment. These sounds, known as biophilic sounds, offer a variety of different soundsapes for the work environment, including birdsong, water flowing, forest sounds, and even cityscapes. Whether you want to help clients and customers feel at ease while waiting in your reception, or help patients waiting for their hospital or GP appointments feel that little bit calmer, soundscapes are designed to create a relaxing ambience.

If you’re looking to place soundscapes in the work environment, it’s important to sample some sounds first to see which you feel would work best for your business.

Where should you place a soundscape?

In an open-plan office environment, it’s not typically recommended that you use soundscapes across the whole building. Instead, soundscapes are typically better placed in specific rooms to create ambiance. A reception waiting room area, wellbeing breakout room or managing director’s office, are all good examples of places to install soundscapes.

The subtle, low-level sound is emitted through emitters which can be discreetly installed. The speakers provide crystal clear audio and offer an immersive sound experience with even-coverage across the area you wish to treat. With the input of expert installers, you should be able to deliver the optimum sound system for your environment.

With or without sound masking?

Soundscape technology is separate to sound masking, but is often combined to breathe nature into the environment, creating a calming, productive environment. This combination of acoustic treatments is a great way to enhance the levels of speech privacy, while also creating a calming environment for your employees and visitors. You have the option of being able to switch off, or reduce the volume of both acoustic treatments as and when required.

Ultimately, these ambient sound systems create an immersive environment that can boost focus, productivity and wellbeing.

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