What Is Hardware Agnostic Video Conferencing & Do I Need It?

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In this guide, we’re looking at what hardware agnostic video conferencing is and the business benefits of choosing a more flexible solution.

What is agnostic conferencing?

Agnostic conferencing is important for your meeting spaces, and is shaping the future of collaboration. The term refers to any hardware or software technology that can operate across different platforms. Hardware or software agnostic systems mean that you don’t need any special adaptations and that different systems are compatible.

Examples of agnostic video conferencing platforms include Zoom and Microsoft Teams - both can work on any device or with any software platform. Whether that’s MS Windows, macOS or Linux.

Why is this important?

In an ever-increasing hybrid work environment, more and more people are using their own computer devices to work. Making it easier for your employees, freelancers, clients and stakeholders to host or attend virtual meetings is a huge benefit of agnostic video conferencing. It enables frictionless communication and collaboration.

Device agnostic means that your chosen software can work on any connected device, whether that’s a smartphone or laptop.

As far as hardware is concerned, you should choose a solution that is compatible with all the platforms you require.

With so many options available, if you work with clients, you might find that some prefer to use one conferencing platform over another. With agnostic hardware, your work environment will be ready for every meeting. You no longer need dedicated single-platform conferencing rooms as you can effortlessly switch between different software.

The only thing left to do is download the application onto your device - whether that’s Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

Bespoke video conferencing

At Remark Group, we’ve partnered with Crestron, Yealink, HP, and Leviton. More choice means we can give your business everything it needs to collaborate with ease. Video conferencing, content sharing, scheduling, management, and support is seamlessly integrated and accessible.

Think your business could benefit from agnostic video conferencing solutions? Find out more by contacting our experts at Remark. You can discuss potential solutions and book a demonstration via a live video conference call or in-person at our head office.