What Hardware Do You Need For Video Conferencing Rooms?

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If your business has decided to go down the hybrid working route, video conferencing will likely be a key consideration. Using the benefits of visual audio equipment, you can bring all your employees, clients and stakeholders together.

In this informative guide, we’re listing the hardware you need for video conferencing. While this can vary depending on the size and nature of your business and meeting rooms, these are the hardware solutions that are typically recommended.


At home, your remote employees will most likely be using a webcam attached to their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. But what about in the office? It’s important to support your remote working employees and ensure they still feel connected and part of the business. With reliable and clear audio visual equipment in the office, you can help them feel part of the discussion. Some hardware providers, such as us here at Remark Group, provide innovative auto-framing camera solutions. This clever camera technology can identify the person speaking in the room and it adjusts its position to focus on them. Should you rather adjust the camera manually, we also offer high quality pan-tilt-zoom conference cameras, depending on your preference.

Screen display

The screen display allows you to see external meeting attendees, as well as view materials such as presentations or reports. Having a high quality screen display will ensure everyone is clearly seen and ensure information is shared with ease. If maintaining high levels of collaboration is important to your business, then this is essential.

Microphone and speakers

The microphone and speakers are the most important element of any video conferencing room. Remark Group provides a wide range of audio solutions that can help recreate the clarity you’d get in a face-to-face meeting. Our smart microphones ensure an even level of audio no matter where the speaker is stood or sat in the room. This means those tuning in remotely receive a professional and crystal clear audio experience.

Sound masking

An optional consideration is sound masking. As mentioned above, the audio quality of your video conference calls is really important. Should your meeting room happen to be placed near a busy corridor and the sound insulation is not sufficient, sound masking can ensure disruptive noises from outside the room don’t distract your meetings. Also, if you have concerns surrounding speech privacy when discussing confidential, private or sensitive information, this acoustic technology helps prevent anyone eavesdropping on the conversation.

Meeting room booking system

A meeting room booking system can also be great for preventing unnecessary disturbances during your in-office meetings. It will clearly display when the room is in use.

Find the right video conferencing hardware for your business

At Remark Group, we understand that there’s no one size fits all solution. That’s why we tailor the video conferencing hardware installations to suit your business. From video conferencing technology to complete meeting room fit outs, we offer turnkey, bespoke solutions. Contact us today to arrange a demonstration or call us to find out more about our video conferencing hardware.