How Can The Use of Technology Improve Business Communication

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Communication technology has developed in leaps and bounds in recent years, particularly when it comes to communication. First there was email - a revelation which saved businesses countless trips to the post office and reduced the need to pick up the phone. But now even email isn’t the fastest way to communicate in the world of business.

Businesses have seen the benefit of collaboration technologies like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which have taken communication to the next level; not only is it possible to have an instant conversation much more seamlessly, you can also audio and video call employees and collaborators too. The nature of conferencing and collaboration solutions like Zoom - bring numerous benefits to a business.

With communication technologies like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, employees can collaborate and work with each other in real-time, no matter where they are in the world. Simply put, this means more flexibility and freedom in the way we work and collaborate. Video conferencing also means spending less time travelling to and from meetings, and more time focusing on their day-to-day responsibilities and projects.

Efficiency and Flexibility

As it takes much less time to communicate using the latest technology, plans and ideas can be actioned much more quickly, making businesses more efficient, agile and adaptable. Plus, people can communicate on numerous different devices - including their mobile phones - from across the globe: all they need is an internet connection.

Idea Sharing

If an idea pops into your head in the middle of a task, you’ll probably want to strike while the iron’s hot and communicate it to another member of your team. This couldn’t be easier with modern messaging platforms; as opposed to writing the idea down and potentially waiting a week to bring it up in a meeting, you could communicate it immediately and get feedback straight away.


Today’s business communication apps are extremely safe and secure, making it tougher than ever before for messages to be intercepted by hackers and minimising the risk of security breaches - an important consideration for businesses.

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