How Is Web Conferencing Different To Video Conferencing?

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Web conferencing and video conferencing are terms that are often used interchangeably. They both enable businesses and employees to communicate and collaborate from multiple locations. This technology helps businesses maintain productive meetings, even if some or all of the workforce or participants are not in the same building or room. In this guide, we’re looking at how web conferencing is different to video conferencing.

Both are important to creating hybrid or flexible work environments. They enable easy virtual meetings, and are increasingly designed to match the conditions of an in-person meeting - should it be used with the right audio and video components.

Web conferencing is cloud-based and supplied by a third party provider. Popular suppliers include Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. All you need to get the most out of this software is a working internet connection, a suitable computing device, and audio visual equipment.

Web Conferencing Explained

The benefits of web conferencing are numerous. Thanks to web conferencing software, meeting members can see, speak, and share screens with each other via the internet, enabling real-time collaboration.

How is video conferencing different?

Video conferencing, on the other hand, is a part of web conferencing. To see the meeting participants, you need video equipment - whether that’s a webcam or state of the art camera in a specially designed video conferencing room. The latter is also known as on-premise web conferencing. Choosing the right cameras can ensure everyone feels more engaged with the conversation and increase participation.

Web conferencing gives you more capabilities, though. It is possible to host a meeting without the video - although this isn’t common. Web conferencing enables you to share screens so you can present. You can also instant message, share links and content and even work on a collaborative document or whiteboard to brainstorm ideas.

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