How Technology Has Changed Business Communication

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Technology has transformed the way businesses communicate, both internally and with external organisations. This communication revolution has been accelerated in the last couple of years by the COVID-19 pandemic. With many having to work from home, technology has stepped in to keep the wheels of industry turning.

Video Conferencing & Meeting Room Booking

Perhaps the form of technology most associated with this step-change in business practices, video conferencing, has boomed in popularity since the pandemic began. The reason is clear: it makes it possible to connect, live, to colleagues and collaborators in seconds, no matter where they’re located around the world.

Modern video conferencing systems can deliver crisp audio and high-definition video, and are even capable of zooming in on the meeting participant that’s talking, creating a more natural atmosphere and making you feel as if you’re in the room together. With a range of software platforms to choose from, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex, video conferencing is here to stay - and has had a huge impact on the way businesses communicate.

These systems also go hand in hand with meeting room booking systems, which make it easy to allocate and book meeting rooms for in-person collaboration.

Digital Signage

Another solution which has experienced a sharp uptake in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic is digital signage. Commonly used by large organisations and healthcare facilities to promote social distancing and remind visitors to adhere to government guidelines, it’s become a vital communication tool for some companies.

Digital signage can display live information feeds (including video streams and social media posts), as well as digital images and messages, making it an extremely versatile method of communicating business news and updates to employees.

Experience the Latest upgrades in Business Communication

To experience for yourself how effective modern video conferencing and digital signage systems are - and learn more about how they could benefit your business - contact our team at Remark Group today to book an appointment at our Peterborough headquarters. Our team will be happy to demonstrate the tech to you and discuss the process of implementing it in your office space.