How To Integrate Video Conferencing Into A Meeting Room

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There are so many benefits to integrating video conferencing into your office meeting rooms. From being able to communicate and collaborate freely, to creating a synergy so everyone can come together without being in the same room. You will also be able to facilitate professional meetings with stakeholders, invested parties and clients. But how do you integrate video conferencing technology into your meeting room? We’re going to run through the process and key considerations in this article.

Think about the overall purpose and design of the meeting room

A great place to start is to think about the purpose of your meeting room. This will influence your ultimate decision on the design, particularly if you’re creating a new space from scratch.

At Remark Group, we’re product agnostic, which means we can review your workspace to design and install video conferencing equipment that suits both your employees and environment, from small huddle rooms right the way through to larger board rooms.

Consider finding a specialist video conferencing room supplier

To get the most out of your video conferencing rooms, and save time on sourcing all the equipment and software from separate businesses, you may want to consider finding a specialist installer of visual and audio solutions for commercial premises.

Our specialist audio visual engineers and designers will offer expert advice on which products are best suited to your meetings rooms and softcodec. We can even integrate with your current hardware and equipment, like your display screens. Each of our solutions is tailored to the requirements of both our customers and the environment, so you can rest assured that the solution will match your business needs and requirements.

Choose your software

Leading cloud-based video conferencing software includes Zoom, Microsoft Teams and CiscoWebex. You may want to choose the platform that you and your team are most familiar with, or you may prefer to research what each platform can offer to determine which is best for your business requirements.

Either way, Remark Group can help make sure your conferencing equipment compliments your software of choice, and also ensure your team is trained and competent in using their in-room conferencing technology, to ensure that meetings run smoothly from the get go.

Choose your audio and visual hardware

Another key consideration is what audio and visual equipment you want to add to your meeting room. From sound masking and soundscape technology to help you control noise levels and ensure sufficient levels of privacy, to commercial display screens and microphones, there are plenty of audio and visual technology options available to help you completely kit out your meeting rooms for conferencing and hybrid meetings.

Arrange your installation date

Once you’ve decided on the technology you want to incorporate into your meeting rooms to transform them into a fully functioning video conferencing room, all that’s left to do is arrange your installation date.

At Remark Group, our highly experienced and skilled project managers and audio-visual engineers will ensure the very best video conferencing solutions for your meeting rooms - from design to installation. From a single room system through to a multi–site solution, Remark Group provides high quality solutions every time. Contact us today to find out more and request a video conferencing demonstration to experience our solutions.