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Video conferencing technology has advanced over the past couple of years. You may understand how video conferencing works from your personal device, but if you’re new to video conferencing meeting rooms in small and large meeting spaces, this guide will explain how it works and the benefits for your business.

How does video conferencing work?

The purpose of video conferencing is to seamlessly connect people visually and through audio. This makes it an ideal solution to connect hybrid working teams, linking employees that are in the office with those that are working remotely or with external parties. You can instantly and seamlessly connect with people using different software and devices.

Perfect for meetings, it can also open up work opportunities and expand your horizons. The more people you can connect with, the better. With video conferencing software you can easily reach someone from as far away as Australia, and you can even bring people from multiple destinations together - the only thing left to organise on your end is the time and date.

It allows you to work as a team wherever you are, boosting productivity, wellbeing, and speeding up decision making.

Video conferencing is not just about the software though. For businesses, you can also invest in hardware to create a professional video conferencing experience in your meeting rooms for everyone.

Video conferencing for hybrid work environments

You can have dedicated video conferencing rooms which are equipped for professional meetings. From cameras with auto framing technology that self adjusts to focus on whoever is speaking, to sound masking that restores confidentiality and minimises distracting noise disruptions, with a combination of state of the art technology you can design a highly-functional meeting room in your offices.

To ensure that everyone feels part of the conversation, you can also equip your boardroom with a large display screen, showing everyone who is on the call.

Video conferencing allows you to make those important discussions and collaborations easier and more professional - whether everyone is in the office or not.

Video conferencing platforms

Popular video conferencing software options include Zoom and Microsoft Teams. With a specialist video conferencing installer like Remark, you can easily integrate these platforms alongside a purpose-built meeting room that has all the high-quality audio-visual features you need to create a seamless meeting experience every time.

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