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When installed and set up correctly, video conferencing should provide a secure platform to share information.

Whether you operate a private healthcare facility, a law firm or a financial advisory service, video conferencing has been an increasingly popular way to provide services. However, a key concern that many businesses and those receiving the service have is whether video is a secure platform. In other words, is the information being shared safe?

No online software is 100% risk-free when it comes to data protection. However, there are steps you can take to minimise the risk.

How can you make video conferencing more secure?

  • End-to-end-encryption: To protect from identity theft or a breach of data protection, it’s important to ensure that any messaging platforms are end-to-end-encrypted. This helps prevent third parties from seeing private correspondence or important meeting content.
  • Password protection: You can also choose to password protect your meetings, to ensure only invited participants are able to join.
  • Choose a platform trusted by businesses: Popular and trusted platforms include Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Speech privacy for video conference rooms

For enhanced data protection, some companies can also benefit from sound proofing their video conference rooms. Providing a sufficient level of speech privacy will ensure confidential or private information isn’t overheard. It will also ensure a comfortable acoustic environment and improve the quality of the service you’re providing.

With all the emphasis placed on written data in paper or digital form, it’s easy to overlook information that is spoken aloud. If your clients or business partners are discussing private matters, it’s important to keep this data behind closed doors – particularly where GDPR is concerned.

Sound masking prevents eavesdropping from outside your meeting room, even where the walls are thin or made of glass.

If you need advice on which video conferencing software you should use, Remark can help. If you already have software that your company is familiar with, we can link your conferencing systems with your preferred software.

Enquire about video conferencing

Security features vary and Remark Group can work with you to provide the ideal solution for your business. We’ll ensure that your meeting is accessible only to people you’ve invited, and not unwanted third parties. This is especially important for financial and corporate sectors where confidentiality and privacy is vital.

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