What Are Collaboration Zones In The Workplace?

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Collaboration is a fundamental part of many workplaces. Without it, important updates wouldn’t be shared, and you’d end up with half-baked ideas and projects not being completed as well as they could be. In fact, without effective collaboration, your business could very quickly turn into a sinking ship.

Depending on the nature of your business, collaboration could be at the heart and soul of how you operate, or just part of your operations. In this short guide, we’re revealing what a collaboration zone is and how you can leverage them in your work environment.

What are collaboration zones?

The most productive meetings are ones where people don’t just talk, but collaborate. Working together to work towards a common goal is important, and a designated collaboration zone can be a great way to encourage more collaboration without disrupting the workflow of those who are working on independent tasks.

Whether you want to create a formal space for important meetings or a less formal breakout area, collaboration zones provide the opportunity to involve more people, to have the technology to share ideas and to enable people not just to work safely on site, but to connect with colleagues and clients from all over the world.

Video conferencing rooms

Creating a video conferencing room is a great way to bring all your colleagues and invested parties closer together and collaborate. With auto-framing technology, the camera automatically focuses on the person speaking, making those tuning in remotely feel more engaged and like they’re in the room. Combining fantastic, crystal clear audio and visual displays also means nothing is missed.

Video conferencing rooms mean you can make calls through software like Microsoft Teams and Zoom at just the touch of a button. These are ideal for collaborating with hybrid-working colleagues, customers and business partners.

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