What Are The Benefits Of Video Conferencing In Healthcare?

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Reduced costs and time spent travelling, improved patient care, support for patients who are immobile or remote and enhanced communication between internal departments are just some of the benefits of using video conferencing equipment in healthcare. In this guide, we’re looking in more detail at the benefits of video conferencing in healthcare.

Make healthcare more accessible

Whether you manage a GP surgery, private clinic or hospital, video conferencing can make healthcare more accessible for patients. Though it won’t be suitable for every patient, there are plenty of people who would rather speak to a health professional remotely. This removes the need to travel to an appointment, and is ideal for people who don’t have sufficient access to transport, are immobile, or those who have busy schedules.

Video conferencing offers face-to-face communication which can bring a more personable and less distant approach than a phone call.

Share data securely

One of the concerns you may have is whether or not video conferencing is secure. As a practice you’ll want to ensure patient data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The good news is that with the right software you should be able to share data securely.

Access the experts

Bring experts into the conversation over HD video. Video conferencing solutions enable experts both nationally and around the globe to collaborate on a clinician to clinician basis in real-time. You can also provide your healthcare employees with improved training experiences, including presentations, live Q&A sessions and real-time demonstrations.

It’s cost-effective

Video conferencing is cost effective. For doctors and nurses, travelling to see discharged patients can take up a lot of their time and it can quickly get expensive. By using video conferencing, associated costs, carbon emissions and travel time can be considerably reduced.

Assist with patient wellbeing and recovery

There are huge benefits for a patient's wellbeing and recovery as well. Video conferencing makes access to healthcare easier.

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