What Is Web Conferencing and How Does It Work?

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Web conferencing refers to any type of online meeting. It typically involves participants in different locations, and can even be used to connect people from all over the world. All that’s needed is a reliable internet connection, suitable conferencing software and good timekeeping. It’s a fantastic tool that most modern-day businesses can benefit from using.

With video software, businesses can see, talk, and listen to conference participants in real-time. Whether you’re presenting project work to a client or hosting a team meeting, web conferencing holds the key to bringing on-site and remote employees together. Its design is ideal for the modern, hybrid work environment.

Web conferencing is very similar to video conferencing, but encompasses every facet of an online meeting, from inviting participants to join to screen sharing a presentation. Web conferencing allows you to connect with your external teams in a number of ways, including through instant messaging and video conferencing.

It can be used for the following:

  • Face to face meetings over the web
  • Collaborating and interacting on the same screen with virtual whiteboards
  • Presenting slideshows by sharing your screen with other team members
  • Starting or joining meetings anywhere from any device

How does it work?

Now that you know what web conferencing is, you’ll probably want to know how it could work for your business.

Web conferencing is a cloud-based communication solution. It allows participants to wirelessly connect to a meeting from almost any location. With only a secure internet connection required, you and your teams should be able to effortlessly schedule and conduct virtual meetings through your chosen web platform. Popular choices include Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The best approach for hybrid businesses is to invest in suitable web conferencing software, as well as video conferencing room equipment. These work to complement both your remote and in-house teams.

Speak to the experts at Remark Group today to get your web conferencing up and running. We can advise on the best software for your business, and install bespoke video conferencing equipment to bring all your remote and in-house teams together.