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Have you noticed your workforce seems a little unmotivated or that performance is dropping? It could be that your employees need a motivation boost. But what is the best way to approach this? From having a great company culture to providing the right assistance, equipment and audio visual technology to get the job done, read on to find out some of the best ways to motivate employees, including for a hybrid work environment.

Great ways to motivate employees:

Rethink your company culture

You don’t necessarily need to start again with your company culture, but simply going back to the drawing board with your HR and managerial departments to discuss ways to boost employee morale could be a great place to start. Factoring in some opportunities for the team to decompress and unwind every now and again, and recognising and rewarding hard work and good results are all great ideas to consider.

Performance metrics

Establish your performance metrics and make them clear to your workforce. If your employees are clear on what goals they are working towards, and how this fits into the overall business goals, then they are far more likely to feel motivated. It’s important to iron out any grey area over work schedules or how to effectively complete tasks.

Give your employees goals

Giving your employees clear goals is another great way to boost their motivation. Why? Because it gives them something to work towards and, hopefully, an outcome at the end of it. Lack of progression can create unhappiness in the workplace and could lead to a higher turnover of staff. It’s also worth recognising when goals are completed and rewarding achievements.

Celebrate achievements and milestones

From celebrating individual colleague achievements and milestones to company-wide news, there are plenty of ways you can boost motivation. From displaying notices on digital signage, to sending out a company newsletter each month, it’s important to reflect and celebrate important wins and moments.

Provide the right equipment for the job

Aside from company culture, the work environment and equipment you provide are also key considerations. If you’re supplying a sub-par office environment that is neither comfortable or allowing for a productive day, then your workforce is going to struggle to feel inspired, motivated or supported. To avoid this, it’s worth investing in sufficient business technology. Especially if you operate a hybrid work set-up it’s important to make sure everyone is collaborating and communicating efficiently - with no one left behind.

Video conferencing rooms and software are perfect for the hybrid work environment. They allow everyone to effortlessly join the meeting and share information, no matter whether they’re at home or in the office.

Be flexible

Offering a more flexible work environment should by no means go against the interests of your business and, if implemented correctly, could help employees feel more motivated and be more productive. You may find a certain percentage of your workforce performs better working from home, while others prefer being in the office. Allowing a hybrid set-up can really help get the best out of everyone. Flexible work hours can also decrease the modern-day stresses of fitting in life admin and childcare around work commitments.

When it comes to ensuring your workplace offers a motivating environment, there are plenty of factors to consider. At Remark Group we believe in helping businesses provide a thriving work environment by installing technology that focuses on productivity, safety and wellbeing. Contact Remark Group today to arrange a friendly demonstration of our business technology or to discuss your business needs.