Does Worker Wellbeing Affect Workplace Performance?

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Indications from studies conducted in recent years are that, yes, the wellbeing of employees in the workplace has an impact on their performance.

In general, studies have suggested that there is a strong correlation between physical and mental wellbeing and productivity. This link is easily understood when you consider how much we rely on our cognitive ability to perform tasks at work - and our brains benefit from physical exercise and varied thoughts, particularly positive emotional responses like laughter, that release feel-good responses.

A survey conducted by Remark Group in 2019 on noise and wellbeing at work, involving over 1,000 UK respondents, found that noise was the biggest source of stress and frustration for office workers - and that it had a negative impact on their stress levels, and their wellbeing.

Additionally, it was found that noise impacts productivity, with over half of the survey’s respondents saying that their work environment did not encourage productivity.

What workplace wellbeing solutions are available?

Our range of workplace wellbeing solutions positively impacts employees’ productivity, reducing the occurrence of stress-related illnesses and time off work. The sound masking solution, available from Remark, has been designed specifically to address this issue.

It injects sounds into a workplace which match the frequency of human speech. While this may seem like a bizarre solution - adding more sound - in practice the system helps quieten distracting conversations, helping workers focus on the task at hand and improving their wellbeing.

Soundscapes works in a similar way, but instead of producing sounds to ‘mask’ human speech, it fills the room with relaxing ambient sounds - from cityscapes through to running water and birdsong. This allows employees to connect more with nature, helping them relax and concentrate on the work in front of them.

If you’re interested in our workplace wellbeing-enhancing technology solutions, speak to us today. You can even arrange a demonstration at our office.