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The concept of health and wellbeing in the workplace relates to employees’ mental and physical wellness - essentially, how happy and comfortable they are at work.

Common factors that have a negative impact on an employee’s health and wellbeing at work include a distracting or noisy environment, poor climate control, an excessive workload, or a poor work-life balance. Addressing these issues is critical; failing to do so will not only result in unproductive staff, but lower morale. All of this can contribute to an increase in skilled employees looking for work elsewhere or taking more sick days - something which most businesses want to avoid.

Once you’ve identified areas that could be improved with regards to health and wellbeing in the workplace, you’ll want to take action.

The good news is that there are plenty of solutions out there that can help you create a more comfortable office environment for your employees. From installing sound masking to lower the impact of distracting noises whilst increasing speech privacy levels, to installing air quality monitors and specialist lighting solutions, health and wellbeing in the workplace often starts with creating the right environment.

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