How to Support Your Remote Working Employees

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While remote working brings plenty of benefits, it’s also important to ensure that your employees are supported. A decline in communication or collaboration won’t just have a negative impact on productivity, but also employee wellbeing and morale. So, if your business has recently made the switch to remote working, and you’re wondering how you can support them through this change and beyond, we’ve got some helpful technology tools and tips to support your remote working employees.

Keep communication and collaboration flowing

Making sure you have instant messaging installed is one way you can connect more easily with employees working from home. Managers will be able to receive an instant notification, allowing them to handle employee queries as quickly as possible. It’s also a less formal communication channel, which can help the team feel more connected.

You may even want to schedule daily virtual huddle sessions that allow your team to come together and chat about their work day or plans for the weekend. You can also schedule brainstorming sessions to ensure the team continues to work together and collaborate.

1:1 catch-ups are just as important. It’s much harder to tell if your employees are happy with their work or not when they’re not in the office with you. By dedicating time for remote workers to discuss any issues they’re having, you can work with them to overcome any problems. The benefit? The team will continue to feel supported and valued, and you’ll help them produce better work more efficiently. It’s a win-win situation.

Invest in video conferencing with good audio quality

One of the indispensable tools for remote working employees is video conferencing. Whether that’s for a team meeting, 1:1 catch-up or an important conference call with key stakeholders and clients, face-to-face screen time can help everyone join the conversation and continue collaborating.

However, there are pitfalls. If the audio quality sounds distant and tinny, or there are distracting noises from outside your conference room, those tuning in remotely will struggle to hear all the important details. They may also tune out of the conversation and become disengaged more easily.

The good news is there are plenty of technology solutions to enhance the remote video conferencing experience for everyone. From high quality microphones that have 360 degree sound pick-up to sound masking technology that masks the noises from outside your meeting room, there are a wealth of solutions available to connect your office to hybrid workers.

Know when people are available and when they aren't

One of the key frustrations of remote working is being able to get hold of colleagues when you need them. By synchronising everyone’s calendars and meetings with a meeting room booking system, all your employees will be able to see at a glance who’s available and who’s not. There’ll also be less risk of double-booking someone.

In conclusion

Having the right management approaches, infrastructure and technology to hand can make all the difference when it comes to supporting your remote working employees.

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