How To Protect Speech Privacy In The Workplace

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If you manage a business or work in human resources for a large corporation, you’ll understand the importance of making sure the work environment is safe and healthy, both from a physical and mental wellbeing perspective. One aspect of employee wellbeing that could be easy to overlook is speech privacy. We’re exploring more about this in our guide.

Why does speech privacy need to be protected?

Speech privacy in the workplace is important in order to keep confidential or sensitive information private. Whether that’s business-related information or personal employee information, ensuring that everyone has a safe space to speak is important.

Also, with many GP appointments now taking place over the phone (and with very little say over the specific time), it’s never been more important to ensure employees have a private space where they can take these phone calls.

It’s not just about enabling employees to comfortably handle personal issues, it’s also about giving them secure spaces to discuss issues that they’re facing at work. Whether it’s an unresolved dispute with a colleague or just wanting to raise a work-related issue, having a space where other colleagues won’t be able to eavesdrop intentionally or accidentally is important.

An open and honest workforce will ultimately be a more productive and happy one. Not protecting speech privacy could create barriers to open communication and create multiple problems. After all, if your employees stop discussing issues, you won’t know what to do to improve a lack of productivity or a high number of employee absences.

In some work environments, such as the legal and health sector, clients and patients will expect a high standard of privacy, and this is also encompassed to some extent in data protection laws.

How to protect speech privacy?

There are a number of ways you can protect speech privacy, even in open-plan workspaces. Sound Masking is an understated acoustic technology that emits an ambient sound to match the frequency of human speech. This ensures that conversations happening in your meeting or breakout rooms won’t be intelligible to people in the adjoining room or walking past the door. It's a great way to protect speech privacy across your office spaces.

If you would like to see the sound masking technology in action, you can book a demonstration at Remark Group or contact us to speak to our experts.