What Is Workforce Enablement?

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Workforce enablement is all about empowering your workforce. But what does this look like, why should it be factored into your business plan and how do you create empowerment?

Workforce enablement starts with offering support your employees need to not just perform their jobs, but excel at them. A happy workforce will want to push for better rather than just get through their day.

Who is workforce enablement for?

Workforce enablement supports workers in industries as diverse as marketing, health, utilities, law, infrastructure, government and commerce. In fact, empowerment is for everyone.

What does workforce enablement look like?

Most employees want to be the best they can and produce work they can be proud of, but sometimes they need a little help. At Remark Group we provide intelligent solutions designed to have a positive impact on office wellbeing, comfort and productivity. Find out more about our technology below.

Sound Masking

To make your office appear quieter and focused without creating an office that’s uncomfortable, sound masking is the perfect solution. Providing an even distribution of ambient sound across your open-plan office spaces and corridors ensures less distraction and interruption and more concentration. It’s the perfect way to drive up productivity levels, increase speech privacy, and provide a more comfortable working environment.

Human Centric Lighting

It’s well documented in scientific journals that not enough light creates feelings of lethargy. That’s where human centric lighting is beneficial. This lighting is created using science to minimic natural lighting. It ensures offices have the right amount of light throughout the day, to encourage a workforce that feels more productive and less sleepy.

Air Quality

Problems with air quality can lead to headaches, fatigue and eye irritation - common culprits for a reduction in productivity in the workplace. Poor airflow can also create a stuffy environment, which can cause discomfort. Air quality sensors are the perfect way to monitor air quality and ensure a healthy environment for your workforce is maintained throughout the day. Taking care of workplace wellbeing is paramount to workforce enablement.

Of course, workforce enablement is not just about installing technological solutions, it’s also about ensuring they have opportunities to develop and feel supported. But these technologies are certainly a great foundation for a more productive, happier and empowered workforce.

Interested in implementing workforce enablement? Contact Remark Group today to discuss our technology and how it could help your employees thrive and your business grow.