The benefits of IT outsourcing

For the vast majority of small or medium sized businesses, the need for IT support is occasional – which makes an in-house service simply costly and inefficient.  A more logical solution is to outsource IT support to a third party, and simply pay for the service as and when it is required.

Using an external IT support provider means access to IT consultants with up to date knowledge and a wealth of experience across different platforms, software, hardware and networks.

As technology and network infrastructures become more complex, companies are spending more and more time simply trying to maintain their current systems, a burden that can be removed by a managed network services company.

Knowing you have an IT consulting firm at the end of the phone when you have an IT issue is priceless. It’s a similar principle to having a UPS backup in place in case of any electrical failures.

A network service that remains relevant and fit for purpose

No business can afford to stand still and the same applies to your IT network. If you increase the scale of the business or even opt to downsize, your network will need to be re-configured accordingly.

More importantly, the network has to be robust and resilient at all times – that means keeping up to date and refreshed with the latest software updates and hardware changes.

The benefit of using outsourced IT services or an IT consulting service, such as Remark, is that you really don’t have to worry about this – we will take care of it for you.

Have a maintenance and service agreement in place

Remark’s maintenance and service agreement means clients benefit from a range of scheduled services as well as being able to access our response-led support service, when needed, through our mobile engineering teams, helpdesk and remote diagnostics.

All business needs are different and we offer bespoke IT network maintenance and service agreements that fit the very specific requirements of each client.

Safeguarding against cyber attacks

The national media has been inundated with stories of major cyber attacks on businesses large and small.  They can be catastrophic if businesses are not equipped to deal with the impact of such attacks.  The best approach is preventative.
Every business needs to have dependable IT security safeguards in place to reduce the cyber attack risk.

As part of our IT consultancy service Remark can undertake an independent assessment of your security risk and needs, producing a bespoke protection plan for a specific area of your system or for your entire network.

Providing cyber security advice

Remark’s dedicated IT engineers have years of expertise in the field of cyber security. They will be delighted to talk through your specific issues.

For more information, please contact the Remark team today or call 0800 597 5558.