How virtualisation can improve your business

In simple terms, virtualisation is the process of running software within a virtual environment by emulating operating systems and desktop applications.  It can reduce IT related expenses whilst increasing your existing server capabilities.

Remark will help your business discover the advantages of virtualisation, bringing you the benefits of improved server capacity, greater integration of software applications, better desktop efficiencies and higher levels of operational security.

The process sees the division of one server into multiple, making the most of the technology on hand.

This begins with an in-depth analysis of your business to assess if virtualisation is the best solution for you. Our aim is to provide you with the very best outcome for your business – a system that will improve your business communication, drive value and minimise overheads.

Looking for a cloud-computing system

Virtualisation is one of the supporting technologies to cloud-computing systems. Through the process of partitioning data, virtualisation divides a server into multiples, allowing them to carry out the same functions as one computer. This approach enables cloud computing, with separate servers devoted to individual cloud services.

Installing virtualisation and cloud services can enhance existing technologies whilst increasing the level of security surrounding your business information.

Is cloud-computing right for your business?

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