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Sophisticated Solutions that Accelerate Business Growth

Remark Group install complete solutions for a wide range of industries, offering almost any organisation the benefit of improved communication, security and efficiency.

We believe that buildings should enhance wellbeing, foster collaboration and increase productivity. We are specialist providers of audio-visual, network infrastructure, and electrical solutions.

From manufacturing, retail, finance, legal and healthcare, find out how we can help your sector work smarter, better and safer.

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Business & Corporate

With industry-leading hardware, advanced software and cutting-edge cloud technologies, Remark Group offers complete solutions for any business and corporate environment.

Whether you are an SME or larger corporate, Remark Group work with your business to provide solutions that help your employees work more simply and productively.

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Healthcare Solutions

Having worked with the NHS directly for a number of years, Remark Group offer the healthcare industry a range of solutions to enhance performance, support and productivity for key workers.

Take a look here at the solutions we offer to benefit your medical team, patients and practice visitors.

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Legal & HR

Within the Legal and HR sector, confidentially and data security is an essential part of the business. In a time of open-plan offices, remote working and shared working spaces,  Remark Group work with you to ensure that your workspaces are reliable, secure and scalable.

View our solutions for the Legal and HR sector.

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Manufacturing Solutions

From industrial lighting installation to structured cabling solutions, and security and production monitoring, Remark Group offer manufacturing sectors a range of intelligent solutions to help businesses run faster, smaller and better.

Reduce downtime and run smarter operations with our manufacturing solutions.

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Retail Solutions

With years of experience in digital signage and lighting, Remark Group can help any retail company, big or small, in transforming their space.

Transform your retail space with our solutions, take a look today.

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Finance Sector

In finance, communication, productivity and privacy are all key components in making a successful business. Remark Group offer services from sound making for privacy through to video conferencing for collaboration, all designed to assist with the smooth running of your business.

Take a look at our solutions for the Finance Sector.

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Business We've Worked With
Meeting Rooms

Our professional meeting room technology enables you to work collaboratively with clients, customers and colleagues, regardless of where they are in the world.

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Remote Working

It is now inevitable that remote working will be a primary form of work for many office workers. Remote workers will need the set up and technology to be able to keep motivated and productive.

Equip your home office with the right tools for a productive workspace.

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Workplace Wellbeing

When we think about technology in the context of health and wellbeing, we might think about wearable devices or smartphone applications, but there are a wide range of solutions.

Make your business better and stronger by leading a healthier, happier workforce.

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Open Plan Offices

The open plan office is here to stay and, it can be the most productive working space when equipped with the right technology.

Take a look at the range of technologies Remark Group has to offer to help open plan offices thrive.

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Smart Buildings

Creating or transforming a building into a smart building is beneficial for both the owner and the organisations working within. Remark Group can work with you to transform your place to being completely autonomous.

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