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The most effective solutions for businesses are the ones people enjoy using.

With industry-leading hardware, advanced software and cutting-edge cloud technologies, Remark Group offer complete solutions for any business and corporate environment.

Whether you are an SME or larger corporate, Remark Group work with your business to provide solutions that help your employees work more simply and productively.

We work closely with businesses, seamlessly integrating our bespoke corporate solutions including sound masking, video conferencing, room and office management systems and access control to help to solve problems and improve productivity

We understand the challenges faced in the corporate and business world and provide corporate solutions that reduce operational costs, increase productivity and ensure effectively measurable collaboration. This improves communication to ensure your business retains an edge over your competitors.

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Sound Masking Services

Sound Masking

Employees are interrupted by noise at least five times a day, according to our Noise and Wellbeing research we conducted back in 2019. We also found that it takes them about 15 minutes to get back into the flow of the task of what they were working on. Sound masking systems reduce noise distractions and create a more comfortable and productive environment for office workers.

Corporate offices feature a number of different workspaces that require their own unique solution for improving productivity, privacy and comfort. Sound masking helps business owners to improve the acoustic environment, enabling employees to feel more comfortable and less distracted in corporate environments, no matter the layout of the treated area.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing for business is now more important than ever. The ability to stay connected with employees and clients, wherever your workforce may be, is integral for teams to be productive.

Whether you are looking for a solution to fit out a huddle space or are wanting a solution for a large conference meeting space, we can work with your business to provide you with the best solution for the job. Transform your meeting rooms into a modern collaborative workspace in an instant with video conferencing solutions.

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Video Conferencing Solutions
Meeting room booking solutions

Room and Office Management Systems

Meeting room and office management systems have come on leaps and bounds since they first hit the corporate scene. We now not only have the ability to schedule meetings, book hot desks and manage office space, but we can also integrate room systems with your CCTV cameras to monitor room occupancy.

With the integration of presence detection, it means that booking a meeting room without even touching a screen is now a reality. Whether you are wanting a single room standalone solution or a whole office fit out, there are solutions out there for every business.

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Access Control

There are multiple benefits to businesses having an access control solution installed. Whether you want to control the number of people coming in and out of the building or limit certain areas to staff members. Access control can also be integrated with other security measures you may have in place, intruder alarms, CCTV and fire detection.

From a simple keypad to biometrics and QR codes, choosing the right type of access control for your business can be a minefield. That is where we come in, we can help you decide what solution fits your business best.

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Access Control Solutions

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