COVID-19 Technology Solutions

Protect your employees and visitors with our COVID-19 solutions to get your business back on track

The Workplace Impact of COVID-19

For most, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our working lives. With an increased focus on social distancing and hygiene, business owners and facility managers have had to rethink the working environment. Ensuring that the workplace is a safe environment, as well as productive and collaborative, is essential in the return to the workplace.

Our COVID-19 Technology Solutions will help to ensure that your workplace is safer for employees to return to, and assist your business in the transition to a dynamic way of working.

Provide a Safe Return to the Office

Although remote working has been a viable option for many, some employees need to continue to use the office and, some employees will want to start returning to the office for their wellbeing. For those businesses who want to ensure that their employees can start to return to the workplace, following the government guidelines, they will understand that the workplace must change.

Remark Group have the skills and solutions to help your business plan and implement facilities changes, to ensure a safe return to the workplace.

Control Traffic with Occupancy Control

Video based solutions, such as people counters, can help control occupancy levels in any area of your workplace.

Remark Group’s scalable occupancy control solution utilises network video cameras to understand how many people are in an area at one time. The solution displays real-time notifications to your digital signage screen, to signal clear stop and go instructions, ideal for canteens and high traffic spaces.

The solution can also show real-time data on how many people are present in your premises, or in a certain area at a certain time. So, you can ensure that you put the right restrictions in place to suit your premises.

The solution is perfect for offices, retail, hospitality, healthcare facilities and even educational premises.

Deliver Fast, Effective Communications with Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great tool during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Digital signage can be utilised to display the latest health and safety updates for your business and at the same time display a live news feed, so your employees are kept up to date with everything that’s going on.

They can also be integrated with cameras and sensors to provide real-time alerts and information on what’s going on around the business. Displays can be integrated with room book systems so your team are aware of what rooms are free for them and at what time they will become available.

Take a look at our full range of Digital Signage offerings & how it can help your business.

Digital Signage Solutions

Host Safe Meetings with Office and Room Booking Management Systems

Careful management and planning needs to be considered when bringing employees back into the office. Ensuring that they follow ongoing government guidelines and socially distance is important to keeping them safe.

With a large part of the workforce looking to keep a dynamic and flexible way of working, the new ‘normal’ office will become a place of collaboration, so managing hot desks, workspaces, meeting rooms and sanitisation will change.

Office and room booking management systems can assist with the return to work by controlling space and capacity to ensure that employees are not at any risk. Limit the number of employees coming into the office with remote booking, send real-time alerts after a room has been used for cleaning and record workspace usage to create an audit trail for effective contact tracing.

Office & Meeting Room Booking Systems

Manage Restrictions with Contactless Access Control

Pin codes, fobs and card readers have all been popular forms of access control systems in the past, but now businesses want a completely contactless solution.
Controlling access to your premises during COVID-19 is crucial to keeping your employees, visitors and clients safe. Access control systems are an effective method of controlling who has access to your premises and where.

QR Codes and biometrics are popular solutions for a contactless entry system. Upon a successful registration, the system will trigger the lock to release. This can be integrated with an automatic door opener door that will open immediately, creating a completely contactless experience.

Discover Contactless Access Control
Video Conferencing solutions

With our video conferencing solutions, we help you work together as a team, wherever you are. Our innovative equipment and solutions are designed to help improve communication, optimise collaboration and streamline your workflow. From design and installation through to training and support, we offer a comprehensive service to put you in control of your meetings and help you adapt to changes in the workplace.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Contactless Temperature Camera Check

Ensuring that temperature checks are mandatory is integral to the health and wellbeing of all your visitors and employees.

Contactless Temperature Screening Cameras utilise facial recognition to measure an individual’s temperature in real-time. The solution can be integrated with a Contactless Access Control System for contactless doorway access to limit unnecessary contact with surfaces in high traffic areas.

If an individual is within a pre-set temperature, your access control system will be alerted, allowing the visitor or employee to enter the building. This allows for a seamless and quick detection without any physical contact.

Reduce Shared Equipment & Maximise Audience Engagement with Crowd Mics

Once events and seminars are back up and running, there will be a need for organisations to ensure the safety of their attendees. One way to reduce the need of shared equipment during events, seminars and even large corporate meetings is through crowd mics.

With crowd mics your smartphone becomes your own personal microphone, eliminating the need for a wireless microphone to be passed around the audience.

You also have the ability to control your event by selecting speakers, disabling microphones, and conducting real-time polls to increase participation engagement.

Create a Professional Home Office

Most businesses have continued with remote working throughout the pandemic. Ensuring that your employees are fully equipped to work efficiently and effectively is important not only their productivity but also to their wellbeing.

From video conferencing equipment, all the way through to room booking systems, providing your employees with professional-grade technologies in executive home offices can make a huge difference to productivity and wellbeing.

Discover executive remote working tools for creating the professional home office.

Remote Working Solutions

Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Through our bespoke technology solutions, we can help you safely reopen offices and workplaces to give your employees the confidence to return to work.

Whether you’re in need of a complete return to work assessment and survey, or equipment for your remote employees to work efficiently and effectively, we can provide you with the right solution for the job.

We can provide your business with the hardware, installation, service and maintenance, all tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and timetable to keep your business moving forward.