Face Mask Detection

Creating a COVID-19 Secure Space

COVID-19 Technology Solutions

Face mask detection technology can be found in a variety of solutions, including access control cameras, social distancing detection technology and occupancy control solutions. Face mask detection analyses a person’s face shape to detect if a person is wearing a face mask or not.

If you have a face mask policy put in place, you can utilise face mask detection technology to ensure visitors, employees and clients are all following the guidelines. Whether you decide to utilise face mask detection through access control systems or through your IP cameras, they can all be integrated with digital signage solutions to send out real-time alerts when people aren’t following the guidelines.

This means it’s quicker, easier, and safer to monitor people passing through a space to check they have face masks. The solution’s flexibility and easy deployment means it is useful in various scenarios where multiple people pass, like transport hubs, offices, warehouses and large shops.

In a scenario where face masks are mandatory or even recommended, this provides a simple way to monitor the situation, or even to remind people of the rules.

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Face Mask detection with Temperature Access Control

Face Mask Detection can be a useful add-on feature to supplement temperature screening in an access control thermal camera.

Our Temperature Access Control System can detect whether those entering the premisses are wearing a face mask or not and activate the access control system accordingly. 

Access Control Systems
Occupancy Control Sensors

With the use of occupancy control, sensors count all people coming in and out of designated space and recognise whether a person is wearing a face mask or not. The data provided from the sensors can be used for instant alerts or further analytics processing, as needed.