Social Distancing in Factories

Protecting your employees during COVID-19

A Safe Factory Environment

Protecting your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic is important to not only their health but also the smooth running of your business. With remote working off the table to the factory environment, manufacturers need to rely on other methods of keeping their workers’ exposure to each other at a minimum.

COVID-19 Technology Solutions Social Distancing Detection Speak to an Advisor

Social Distancing Detection

Technology can help to maintain social distancing in factories.  The solution utilises CCTV cameras and can be set to monitor employees to ensure they are adhering to social distancing measures put in place.

The social distancing solution can also detect hotspots, so you know where in the factory to implement better social distancing tools, like digital signage and markers. The system also uses facial recognition for face mask detection, if a mask-wearing policy has been put in place then the system can send out real-time alerts when the policy isn’t being followed.

Face Mask Detection Social Distancing Detection

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage that has been integrated with the social distancing solution can be set up around the factory floor to send out real-time alerts when employees have accidentally got too close or aren’t following the guidelines put in place.

Digital displays are also a great addition to the factory floor to displays effective and up to date health and safety messages across the entire facility.

Digital Signage Solutions

Occupancy Control

Occupancy control is a great measure to put in place when a factory floor or warehouse facility can only accommodate a certain amount of people at once. Remark Group’s scalable occupancy control solution utilises your CCTV cameras to understand how many people are in an area at one time. This can then be integrated with digital signage displays to signal a clear stop and go system, to ensure your factory floor is at a safe occupancy level at all times.