Social Distancing in Schools

Keep Students and Staff Safe

Creating a COVID Secure Environment

A recent poll of 6,000 school staff in England has found that 86% of respondents said minimising contact between pupils will not be achievable, while two thirds (66%) fear guidance to avoid busy corridors, entrances and exits are unrealistic.

Although social distancing in schools may seem hard, there are technologies that you utilise to ensure that your pupils and teachers are abiding by the guidelines put in place.

COVID-19 Technology Solutions Speak to an Advisor

Digital Signage and Social Distancing

Digital signage solutions will play a key role in keeping students, teachers and staff safe and comfortable as schools begin to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social distancing in schools is going to be hard to adhere to, setting up digital signage solutions around the campus can aid in making sure pupils and staff are all abiding by social distancing procedures.

Digital signage can deliver real-time alerts when set up with social distancing detection. The solution can monitor hot spots like corridors, reception areas and canteens to ensure that pupils, teachers and visitors are adhering to social distancing guidelines put in place, such as face-mask wearing. When guidelines aren’t followed real-time notifications can be sent to display on the digital signage allowing those in the area to reassess where they are in the facility.

Occupancy Control

As pupils start to come back to school, setting occupancy levels in classrooms, libraries and even toilet facilities is going to be crucial to ensure social distancing.

Automated people counting is a reliable and efficient method to measure occupancy control in schools and education facilities. Sensors placed above entrances and exits register people entering and leaving and thus provide a quick overview of the total number of students in a room at any time– in real time and in compliance with data protection regulations.