AV technology shouldn’t hinder education, it should be used as a tool to enhance it. Remark Group’s education technology solutions equip teachers and students with the perfect tools to create a productive and collaborative environment.

Whether you are in need of an interactive and collaborative classroom, or enhance the audio in lecture halls and auditoriums, Remark Group can provide your school or university with the right technology and equipment to enhance collaboration and productivit

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Video conferencing allows those across different locations to connect in real-time, allowing those to share screens and interact on documents together. Video conferencing has long been a feature for businesses and meeting rooms, but it is now making its presence known in classrooms too.

Video conferencing in education can offer a lot more than just virtual lessons. It can allow teachers to connect with multiple classes, introduce guest lecturers from around the world and bring live events to students.

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Lighting can make a huge impact on a students learning experience and their motivation to learn. Likewise, it can make teachers a better environment to teach in.

Studies have shown that good lighting aids in the learning process and cognitive ability. Classrooms, lecture halls and collaborative rooms should all have adequate lighting to not only learn in, but also create an interesting and well lit space. It’s not just the classrooms that need adequate lighting, libraries, sports halls, laboratories, staff rooms and canteens all need different levels of lighting dependant on the activity.

Daylight plays a huge part in our wellbeing, mood and productivity, these all impact on our ability to learn. LED lighting and lighting control work with natural daylight to provide adequate lux levels as well as increasing energy efficiency.

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Digital signage in education can help foster communication and create a sense of community, as well as providing updates on projects, awards and upcoming events.

Digital signage can be utilised across the whole campus. Reception displays to display motivational messaging, timetables, academic achievements and other useful information. Use Digital Menu Boards at various food locations on campus to easily update and regularly change menu items helping to improve service.

You can utilised interactive digital signage in the class room to create an innovative, interactive and collaborative learning experience.

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Schools have a lot of  congregation points such as hallways, canteens, class rooms and playground that may make it difficult for children to maintain social distancing.

Remark Group can integrate people counting solutions via CCTV to monitor communal spaces teachers or facilities management teams to where there are possible hotspots. This allows proactive planning to be put in place to assist students to social distance. This forward planning is critical to alleviate the issue of students feeling disciplined for social distancing.

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Contactless temperature access control uses facial recognition technology to instantly measure the temperature of the person, without having to touch the screen, creating a completely countless experience.

Ideal for the use in reception areas, entrance halls and lecture halls, the solution is perfect to control and monitor your access control.

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Educational facilities up and down the country have a number of modern communication systems in place that allow students to access the internet and produce documents in order to complete courses. It is important to keep your infrastructure up to date and running smoothly to ensure that the education of students is not interrupted.

From integrated structured cabling solutions to telephone systems, server racks and full-scale electrical installations, Remark Group can design and install all manner of network solutions for your school or university premises.

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