Finance and Banking Sectors

Creating private and productive workspaces


    Technologies like sound masking, room booking and video conferencing systems can all help those that work in the financial sector to work effectively. We work with you from the initial design all the way through installation and commission to help transform your facilities to provide productive and efficient environments.

    We understand the challenges faced in the financial sector and can provide solutions to your business that help to reduce operational costs, increase productivity and ensure effectively measurable collaboration.

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    Sound Masking Systems for Offices

    Sound Masking in Financial Environments

    Financial firms have a responsibility to safeguard personal financial information. The Safeguards Rule, under the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, requires financial firms to protect their client’s non-public personal financial information, including how the information is collected, stored, and used. Many institutions have established effective security measures to protect the data stored on their servers, but neglect to fully safeguard client information during its collection and use.

    The benefits of sound masking systems in finance offices and banks exceed that of just security. Many financial institutions see additional benefits, as well. Whether you work with a banking institution with an open floor plan, or a financial office with multiple cubicles, it’s critical to ensure that your clients’ information remains private

    Private offices aren’t always immune to privacy and productivity issues either. Modern construction techniques have led to demountable walls being built to the ceiling tile and not to the ceiling deck, leading to spill over of conversations, from both video conferencing conversations and in-person meetings alike, into adjoining offices or hallways.

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    Video Conferencing for Banking and Financial Sectors

    With the general shift in business towards open floor plans, combined with unprecedented numbers of employees working remotely, effective corporate communication is more important than ever.

    Whether you’re a small financial firm or a large corporate, Remark Group can deliver, manage, and enhance audio and video conferencing for the most effective, natural communications possible.

    The trend of open office environments—where many workers share an open floor plan without traditional closed offices or cubicles—shows no sign of changing. However, employees still need a private space to conduct meetings and conference calls without disturbing their colleagues. Traditional conference rooms are too large and formal for everyday collaboration needs. Huddle spaces are a natural complement to this growing need.

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    Video & Audio Conferencing
    Meeting Room Booking System

    Room Booking Systems

    Room Booking Systems are perfect for planning and booking meeting spaces in advance for important, private meetings. An intelligent, well-designed piece of booking software will remove the need for a dedicated member of staff to organise schedules or operate phones. Meeting Room Management software lets employees or clients organising rooms and services in a synchronised but decentralised way.

    Room booking systems help minimise human errors, like double-booking and can also help to prevent no-show ghost meetings, through sending automated reminder messages and even making the meeting room available after there has been no activity in a set time. When controls and a structured policy for usage is implemented, usage of rooms can improve. A room booking system that provides insight into the usage of rooms, as well as the patterns of bookings and cancellations, can help facilities and operations management teams to better understand their office and plan the office space for greater efficiencies.

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