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Powerful, user-friendly solutions that enhance privacy and increase efficiency.

In the Legal and HR sector protecting sensitive data is key to doing business. We work with your company to ensure that meeting rooms and offices offer the most reliable, secure, scalable and user-friendly solutions on the market.

Technology is changing the legal and HR services industry. You need to transform without taking risks. Our industry expertise and solutions help organisations to respond to drive innovation, efficiencies, customer loyalty, and better decision-making.

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Access Control

Open access control solutions integrate seamlessly with your other systems. Use everything from identification and entry control to advanced access management.

Our access control solutions are not only open, they’re agile. When planning your access control solution, you get flexibility for both today’s needs and tomorrow’s. Our access control solutions don’t tie you to proprietary or pre-approved hardware and software. So, you can mix, match and integrate best-of-breed options. Whether you have a smaller installation or a large number of doors and complex access rules, you can be truly proactive – and find the optimal way to meet your access control challenges.

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Access Control Solutions
Sound Masking Solutions

Sound Masking

Law offices, law enforcement agencies, and HR offices require a high level of speech privacy, for their clients to feel comfortable in sharing private information.

Sound masking in legal and HR environments accomplishes both speech privacy and security needs by adding a low-level background noise, specifically engineered to protect confidentially and reduce the intelligibility of speech. With sound masking you can treat stand-alone meeting rooms through to interview rooms and court rooms, to ensure the privacy of everyone involved.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing offers an effective alternative to telephone calls, allowing as it does for the exchange of non-verbal communication and the development of stronger relationships between people who may never meet in person. It’s ideal for liaising with clients.

Strong audio-visual solutions also allow for sharing documents and presentations in real time through network connected conference rooms or wireless bring-your-own-devices (BYODs). You can rest assured that all your communication through video conferencing is completely secure with Remark’s solutions.

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Video Conferencing Solutions
Network Infrastucture Solutions

Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure refers to the resources of a network that make network or internet connectivity, management, business operations and communication all possible. Ensuring that you have a secure and reliable network infrastructure is integral to running a fully operational and protected business.

From the design and installation of lightning-fast speed fibre optic cables for efficient communication through to cabinet rationalisation to ensure health and safety precautions are met, Remark Group tailors each service agreement to the unique needs of the customer.

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