Meeting Rooms

Our professional meeting room technology enables you to work collaboratively with clients, customers and colleagues, regardless of where they are in the world.

Our integrated meeting room technology includes audio and video conferencing solutions, which combine clear image and high-quality sound with reliable management and hosting systems. To assist with scheduling meetings, we provide functional and easy-to-use room booking systems.

An intuitive control system manages all aspects of our meeting room solutions, including environmental settings, sound and visual components. Our high-performance meeting room AV solutions provide you with a seamless and hassle-free space to host meetings.

Collaborative solutions for every meeting space.

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Medium Size Meeting Rooms

Medium Sized Conference Rooms

The most popular sized meeting room, 39% of UK office workers have their meetings in a medium-sized meeting room.

Conference rooms come in many different sizes and shapes, but their purpose is always to enable relationship building through consistent, face-to-face conversations. A dedicated presentation screen, high-quality 20x zoom and audio engineered for greater voice pickup are essential for large meeting spaces.

Boardrooms and Large Meeting Spaces

23% of UK office workers have the majority of their meetings in a large meeting room or boardroom.
Large meeting spaces like auditoriums, classrooms, lecture theatres and multipurpose rooms have so much collaborative potential. They yearn for professional display and audio solutions, combined with video conferencing, but this must be integrated in the right, flexible way.

Multiple AV inputs and outputs are necessary to connect multiple devices (cameras, laptops, DVRs, microphones, etc.). Integration with panel manufacturers and third-party integrated audio solutions — and a secure, rack-mountable design — are essential.

Ensuring that presenters and participants can be clearly heard wherever their positioning in the room should not be a challenge; from beamforming microphones to app-based crowd microphones, we can work with you to find the right audio solution.

Boardrooms and Large Meetings


According to our Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work survey, in addition to 40% of UK office workers saying there meeting rooms weren’t up to scratch, they also said they were having:

Unsuccessful Meetings
Up to 11 Hours in Meetings a Week
Poor Concentration
Meetings in Rooms Without Windows
Meeting room booking solutions

Meeting Room Booking Systems for Every Space

In each of these spaces Meeting Room Booking Systems are hugely beneficial, not only to room users, but also to Facilities Managers.

Meeting room booking systems can integrate into your office to eliminate meeting room interruptions; double bookings; and no-show meetings. Quickly find and schedule meetings, free meeting rooms, desks, huddle spaces or co-workers. Room Booking Tablets provide remote bookings through your existing desktop calendar, or on-the-spot booking via the interactive touch screen; as well as your mobile phone.

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Benefits of Meeting Room Technology for Your Business


  • User friendly interfaces allow users to control systems at the touch of one button, which integrate and manage devices and programs
  • Presenting multiple content or video conferencing with large single or multiple screen displays
  • Room booking systems allow users the flexibility to book meeting spaces and manage them within their existing calendars, such as Outlook
  • Interactive displays allow for ultimate collaboration in meeting spaces and between locations.

Drive Productivity with the Right Room Solution

  • 40% of UK office workers report that their meeting rooms do not facilitate productivity or collaboration.
  • The average number of meetings UK Office workers are having a week is five.
  • On average UK office workers are spending eight hours a week in meetings – that’s one day a week occupied with meetings.
  • Half of people leave meetings thinking they were unproductive
Video Conferencing Solutions
Sound masking for privacy

Privacy in Meeting Rooms

Sixty four percent of UK office workers have overheard a confidential or sensitive conversation in the workplace that they shouldn’t have.

Finding the balance between meeting room design and privacy is essential to a productive and confidential meeting space. With the majority of meeting rooms nowadays having glass partitions and very hard surfaces for sound to bounce off, the privacy of the meeting space is compromised.

Sound masking for meeting rooms is a great addition to ensure 100% confidentiality in those all-important meetings. With the ability to adjust the sound levels with an easy to use interface, you can change the level of privacy for every meeting.

Without changing the design of the meeting space, Remark Group can work with your company to provide a bespoke sound masking solution to help you achieve 100% privacy.

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