Open Plan Office Solutions

Building a Productive Workspace Without the Distractions

Technologies for a Productive and Comfortable Open Plan Office

There has always been a huge debate around how effective the open plan office is for collaboration and productivity. Here at Remark, we believe that the open plan office is here to stay and, it can be the most productive working space when equipped with the right technology.

Open plan offices are prevalent across the working world as a result of their many benefits to both employer and employee. The design of an office has a huge impact on the wellbeing of employees and therefore productivity levels and so it’s important to get the open-plan office solutions just right in order to maximise on this.

The Stats

According to our Noise and Wellbeing at Work survey:

UK office workers are based in either a shared or open plan office
Over half say that their workplace environment does not encourage productivity
Report that the office environment impacts on their decision in remaining in the job
That their workplace impacts on their motivation to work
Sound Masking Solutions

Sound Masking for Open Plan Offices

Ambient noise level in open plan offices is important to get just right, too loud and everyone will struggle to concentrate and remain productive, too quiet and the smallest of noises like a door banging can cause spikes in blood pressure and stress levels.

Sound masking is a great solution to increase the ambient background noise level of an open plan office and set a level of noise to adhere to. When installed correctly sound masking installation mitigates any background noises and reduces distractions considerably, creating a much more productive environment.

Huddle spaces in open plan offices are on the rise, and they are a great addition to the office for spontaneous collaboration and creativity, but noise is often a big factor in disturbing these meetings. With the use of sound masking you can create zones above particularly areas that need higher levels of privacy, create little bubbles of sound within the open plan offices.

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Digital signage for Open plan offices

Digital signage isn’t just for retail and hospitality, the integration of digital signage into the workplace brings huge benefits. Digital signage installation is great for health and safety reminders and alerts, at Remark we can work with you to integrate your IP cameras with digital signage to showcase real time health and safety alerts.

The wellbeing and morale of employees is essential to having a productive work force, using digital signage for internal communications is a great way of keeping your staff informed with upcoming events, milestones and work achievements.

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Interactive Display Solutions

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Lighting for Open Plan Offices

Getting the right lighting in the open plan office is essential not only for productive work but also for the health and safety of your employees. Lighting can have detrimental impacts on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing, poor lighting can cause migraines, fatigue and low moods.

LED lighting is the way forward when it comes to office lighting. A good lighting solution provides the necessary 500 lux on the work surface while also the cylindrical illuminance is created. It is important that the fitting is designed for use together with computer screens to avoid glare and dazzle the eye.

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Social Distancing for Open Plan Offices

Social distancing technology ensures that everyone sticks to the recommended 2-meter social distancing rule. Social distancing is going to be hard to achieve when returning to the office, particularly when your employees are in one open plan office.

Social distancing detection integrates with your current CCTV cameras and can monitor when people are not abiding by the 2-meter policies that have been put in place. If you have set an occupancy level for your open plan office, then the solution can also detect when the room has reached maximum occupancy and send alerts to ensure that no one else is entering.

You also have the ability to integrate the social distancing technology with your digital signage to send our real-time alerts and occupancy levels.

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