Remote Working Solutions 

Equip Your Home Office With the Right Tools for a Productive Workspace

It is now inevitable that remote working will be a primary form of work for many office workers.

Remote workers will need the setup and technology to be able to keep motivated and productive.

The home office will now be more equipped with collaborative and productive tools than ever before. We provide turnkey remote working solutions that help organisations focus on their core business activities. We help our customers decide upon the right solution for their business and in turn help them drive greater business flexibility, collaboration and productivity.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing helps strengthen virtual teams by helping remote employees integrate more easily into the group. That makes meetings more productive, shortening cycle times and decision-making for a host of business processes and interactions.

Video conferencing allows for the best-quality interactions available next to in-person meetings. Therefore, as employees become more geographically displaced, there is an increased possibility of misunderstanding or reduced flow in exchange of information. Employees capable of participating in meetings over video have a better read on co-worker expressions and are far more engaged.

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Video Conferencing Solutions

Cloud Based video conferencing equipment including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype

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Benefits of Remote Working

Greater Work-life Balance for Employees:

With a flexible approach to working, employees have a lot more control over how they spend their time. They can go to appointments without worrying, juggle their commitments and still commit to a full working day.

Increased productivity

A study from YouGov revealed that staff work to a slightly higher standard at home and another survey revealed that employees were more productive at home due to fewer distractions and reduced stress.

Limit Exposures to Illness

Employees are more likely to pick up an illness on their commute or at work. Allowing employees to work at home can reduce the spread of illness in the office and therefore, less sick days.

Reduces Time Wastage

According to a study from INRIX the UK will lose £300 billion by 2030 due to time spent in traffic? With more people working from home, or travelling at off-peak times due to flexible hours, this will limit the amount of time – and money – wasted. Eliminating long commutes can also improve productivity and wellness.

Meeting room booking solutions

Room Booking System

Room booking systems for your home office can connect with your calendar and keep your work more focused. You can clearly show your timetable for the day outside your office to let others know when you’ll be free and available.

You can schedule deep working sessions and the system will make it clear that you’re not to be interrupted until a specific time. With a long charge life and WIFI there is no need for any cables, meaning you can be flexible as to where you install your meeting room booking system.

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