Technologies for Every Retail Situation

Smarter Retail Makes a Difference

Attract customers, optimise store layout, prevent shoplifting, reduce checkout lines, handle peak shopping periods… these are several key performance indicators when you operate as a retailer. Smart technologies are designed to support you and give the consumer a greater, faster, and safer experience when shopping in store.

Every retail shop is different and has varying needs. At Remark, we pride ourselves on our extensive solutions including Interactive Flat Panels, Digital Signage solutions, Security Cameras and custom-made software solutions. This allows us to always offer a suitable solution, no matter the situation.

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Retail Digital Displays & Signage

Digital Signage is a broad category of displays and signs, so there’s no end to the different ways you can use it in your store. As well as increasing sales, digital signage for retail can directly generate revenue through advertising. Screens in high footfall locations are highly attractive for brands, local businesses, and nearby eateries.

Digital Signage can do so much more than traditional printed store signage. They can be interactive, boosting customer engagement. You control every sign throughout your store in one place, so they’re always accurate and updated – this can be achieved remotely, off site, for example from a head office or flagship store. Because they’re so easy to program and change, Digital Signage opens the door to timelier and more seasonal store displays or even POS. If this sounds suitable for you, book a demonstration with Remark today.

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Smart Shelf

Advances in digital display technology means that you can now connect a physical product to the display. Picking up a product will change the content displayed and show the customer more details about their product. Through high resolution, brightness, reliability and more, a smart shelf display can be flexibly utilised across your visual merchandising to display product information or POS interactively, increasing the end user’s in-store experience.

To make a store more visually engaging and interesting for customers, another solution to consider is immersive projection of certain hero products. A lifelike moving image never fails to catch customer attention and interactivity can play its part to make the product even more inviting.

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Video Wall & Interactive Displays

When it comes to creating a larger than life image, nothing compares to a video wall. Having several Digital Signage displays working in tandem to create huge, attractive images is guaranteed to attract the attention of anyone walking by, whether it be for a seasonal launch, displaying unmissable branding, or the launch of a new product.

For a retailer, the advantage of interactive displays are significant. They allow complex content, such as the functionality of a product, to be explained and illustrated quickly and simply, using audio-visual output or animated graphics. By using touchscreen technology, customers can access specific, tailored information that is 100% appropriate to them and their retail behaviour.

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Retail Security Cameras

Stay informed of who is entering and leaving your premises and ensure that customers and staff feel welcome and trusted with our CCTV commercial systems. Have control over unattended deliveries, and all your entrances and exits at any time of day. Ensure that no objects are blocking emergency exits and take action on suspicious or aggressive behaviour. Make your customers, contractors, and staff feel safe as they approach and exit your store.

Analytics & Queue Monitoring

Cameras integrated with analytics can help your security staff protect your property by detecting and deterring crime. The applications can, for example, detect trespassers or loiterers and automatically notify a guard or play a message over a loudspeaker. The edge-based applications are scalable and help reduce bandwidth and storage use by sending and recording footage that is of interest only.

Queue Monitoring is a cost-efficient application for queue management and analysis. From retail stores and hotels to public buildings and banks, this smart application provides real-time data that can help identify where bottlenecks are occurring, and enhance service and merchandising planning to improve your customer’s overall in-store experience.

Retail Lighting Systems

Lighting retail spaces is all about creating the perfect ambience, combined with the optimal light levels to showcase your products and service.  Attracting attention to merchandise, positioning your brand, navigating around the store, and creating a memorable experience is important to capture consumer imagination, and influence sales. Lighting is a subtle way to not only deliver ambience, but also to highlight a product to generate excitement, and provide comfort in a retail environment.

Getting the balance right is very important, with flexibility in your scheme, to allow merchandisers to develop their in-store layouts and maximise lighting performance.

We can provide the right business lighting solutions throughout your store: whether it is on the shop floor for merchandising, or to provide a bright and comfortable working environment in management offices and storerooms to assist with your employee’s wellbeing.

Car Park Lighting

Ensuring that your car park is illuminated sufficiently makes it safer for drivers and pedestrians to visibly see other cars, road markings, entrances, exits, lifts, corridors and stairwells. Fluorescent and CFL lighting commonly found in car parks deliver poor, dull and sometimes ‘dirty’ lighting and are prone to flicker, much to the annoyance of drivers, passengers and operation teams. We offer reliable, bright and energy efficient lighting solutions to improve lighting levels and minimise energy usage, providing a safer environment for visitors.

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Car Park EV Charging

Electric vehicles are becoming more appealing to drivers. This means businesses and retailers need to invest in how they can factor this into retail infrastructures, and also brand messages. There are many benefits that can be offered to EV drivers that can attract shoppers and retain their loyalty, by showing a clear balance in values and convenience.

There are many types of electric vehicle charge points to choose from. Remark Group work closely with you to ensure we install the most suitable charge points for your needs – whether this is for your customers, staff or other visitors to your car park. We will identify, supply, and install the charging solution you require, providing end to end project management for your charge points.

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Retail Audio Systems

If you own a retail store, whether large or small, you’re always striving to differentiate your business from competitors. One of the ways you can do this is through a commercial audio system and playlist for your store, whichnot only entertains and retains customers, but can improve employee morale and retention, and act as an extension to your brand.

From designing your retail store to creating the best online experience, it can be easy to overlook the important aspect of audio. Music for business is more than just white noise or a way for your employees to listen to their favourite tunes. The music you play in your store can assist to provide another sensory aspect to your  merchandising and seasonal launch, having a huge impact on customers, potentially bringing them in for longer shopping times and increased sales.

We are  experts in the design and installation audio systems for small and large premises, and can help you find the perfect solution for your premises.

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