Reduce Noise Distractions, Protect Speech Privacy, and Increase Productivity

Reduce obtrusive background noise and improve the acoustic environment in your workspaces with Remark Group’s turnkey sound masking solutions. We are leading providers of sound masking systems for the office, including natural soundscapes.

54% of UK office workers report that noise is an issue at work.


We have created our own sound masking system to protect speech privacy and improve workplace wellbeing. Unlike many other direct field systems, this unique solution offers an innovative, all-round immersive sound dispersion, ensuring the same sound quality for all listening positions.

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What is sound and audio masking?

Did you know noise has a direct impact on a person’s ability to complete a task in a timely and productive manner? If noise isn’t managed properly, it can also have a negative impact on your employee’s wellbeing and stress levels. Audio masking systems make an office appear quieter by raising the ambient noise level. When installed correctly, it’s an effective method that has the potential to bolster speech privacy and reduce distracting noises, which in turn helps to improve overall office comfort.

Sound masking creates subtle ambient noises that are engineered to match the frequency of human speech.

While adding more noise might seem counterproductive, it actually reduces the intelligibility of the people around you. This helps employees to drown out the conversations they are not part of so they can focus wholeheartedly on the tasks before them. As human speech becomes less noticeable when you can’t clearly understand what is being said, this will not only help your employees to focus their undivided attention on the important tasks at hand, but will also provide greater speech privacy overall.

We can help you create a balanced, comfortable acoustic working environment.



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According to our Noise and Wellbeing at Work survey, sudden bursts of noise are the most irritating in the workplace, with the most annoying being:


The way people work is constantly changing and it’s important to adapt so your business can thrive and function at its best.

With more and more offices shifting to open-plan and hybrid offices, managing noise levels has become an important consideration.

Too much noise in the workplace can be disruptive and affect productivity. Equally, an office that is too quiet can also be a problem as employees may struggle with the lack of speech privacy while others may dislike the lack of stimulation.

Whether you work in a hybrid or open-plan work environment, sound masking is just one of the ways you can better control and manage noise levels in the workplace. This acoustic technology is adaptable and with Remark we can easily integrate our sound masking systems into your work spaces.

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Due to its 360° driver technology, the installation needs fewer speakers to work effectively compared to conventional systems.

This new solution has the ability to increase the privacy around the areas treated. Not only is the installation of this technology ideal to increase privacy in businesses, but it can also help to increase performance levels, eliminate distractions, and enhance the overall wellbeing of employees.

How is this different to white noise?

The difference between sound masking and white noise is often overlooked but important. Both include the addition of noise into a workplace to reduce distractions but their methods differ. When adding white noise, you are adding frequencies that cover the entire range of human hearing whereas with sound masking you are only adding frequencies that match those of human speech. As white noise is not specifically engineered to cover up human speech, it can’t implement speech privacy as effectively or efficiently as sound masking technology.

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It is no secret that privacy is an issue in the modern workplace. Open plan offices, glass meeting rooms and break out areas are great for collaboration and teamwork but more often than not, they lack sound privacy.

Sound masking is the addition of low-level noise into the environment to cover up unwanted background noise and increase privacy. A lack of sound privacy can result in dissatisfied and unproductive employees in fact, in our Noise and Wellbeing at Work survey it was found that 64% of people have overheard a confidential or sensitive conversation in the workplace that they shouldn’t have.

With the installation of sound masking in your meeting rooms, open-plan offices and break out areas, it can improve office acoustics help to protect client information, confidential business plans and sensitive conversations.

Where can sound masking be used?

Sound masking can be used in a number of ways and places to create a better working environment or to improve privacy. Some examples include:

Privacy in the Workplace
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It’s not just the office that suffers from a lack of privacy, 51% of people have overheard a confidential topic being discussed outside of work, in GP surgeries, hospitals and waiting rooms. Privacy is a fundamental human right, yet in places where you think you would receive the highest amount of privacy like GP Surgeries, waiting rooms and healthcare facilities, there seems to be a lack of it.

While healthcare environments continue to improve, striving to provide better patient outcomes and experiences, many hospital environments remain extremely noisy, disrupting patients and causing privacy concerns

Remark Group can provide solutions that not only increase the privacy around GP rooms and waiting rooms, but can also be utilised in patient rooms and healthcare facilities to promote rest and relaxation.

Our systems provides an ambient background noise level that reduces background noise and conversations, meaning patient privacy is restored and their overall comfort in places that could cause stress are reduced.

Sound Masking and Healthcare

As advocates of workplace wellbeing and specialists in sound masking, the introduction of soundscapes into our portfolio of services was only natural.

To combat stress and boost feelings of wellbeing, Remark Group have created their own soundscape solution.

Office soundscapes can also be integrated with our sound masking to provide a level of speech privacy as well as a wellbeing inspired environment.

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61% of UK Office Workers say that they are interrupted by noise at least five to ten times a day. The interviewees then went onto report that it takes an average of eleven minutes to get back into a task after being distracted by noise, which means between 55 minutes and 110 minutes of a day are wasted just from noise distractions.

Over half of UK offices workers say that their workplace does not encourage productivity with sixty-five percent stating that their workplace impacts on their motivation to work.

For productivity levels in the workplace to increase we seriously need to think about the working environment and what employers can do to ensure that their employees are at their most productive.

Our systems are designed to deliver an unobtrusive background noise which imitate airflow, masking background noises in the office environment and thereby reducing distractions and increasing productivity.

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Design and Consultancy

Every workplace is different - that’s why we offer a bespoke approach to any project. We review your workplace, discuss your requirements and design a sound masking system that we think will provide the best results for your work spaces.



Once we have a detailed plan in place, it’s time for the installation. Using our systems means we can ensure as little disruption to your business and as little time as possible.


Training and Support

Once installed we make sure you have all the necessary training and support you need to fully understand how to make the most of your new sound system.



Once we have a detailed plan in place, it’s time for the installation. Using our systems means we can ensure as little disruption to your business and as little time as possible.

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You can visit our Peterborough based office to see a full demonstration of our sound masking system in use. Our system is tailored to your needs and is fully customisable and flexible for spaces such offices to waiting rooms and meeting rooms. Our office is fully equipped to demonstrate the power of sound masking and show off the different solutions and systems we use to improve office acoustics for our employees.

Experience sound masking first hand and speak to our experts to learn how we can help improve workplace wellbeing, productivity and speech privacy for your business.

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